Since time immemorial, the walls of a space have served as a blank canvas for drawings, annotations, etc., some for informational purposes and others merely decorative. And this has been true since the days of prehistoric caves. Today, the consideration of ‘blank canvas’ is fully maintained, turning walls into one of the most important subjects of a space, in this case, for the decorative possibilities it offers, in addition to dividing rooms .

In any interior design project, the walls must be taken into account. Starting from its constructive nature that invites you to present yourself with different finishes, many of which we could say already act as a decorative element in itself. For example, a stone wall would work in a living room. But the theme of this post is going to focus on that decoration superimposed on the wall and that still gives much more play due to the infinity of elements that we can use.

Indeed, it is the quintessential decorative element used to decorate a wall. From there, the range of options that they present has no limit, starting with the type of image and that usually goes to the taste of the homeowner. Canvases, sheets, photographs, watercolours, with relief, textures… with or without a frame, combining still lifes of different sizes, just one, etc. It is advisable to try to find a certain relationship with space. Needless to say, the size of the painting must be in proportion to the wall and the rest of the elements in the room, but it is also important to find a common thread with the general chromatic environment.

Mirrors decorate the walls and expand the spaces

Another decorative element of great tradition to decorate the walls are the mirrors. And the same thing happens with paintings: the possibilities of finishes, shapes, colors, designs, etc. It has no end, even being able to be personalized with the service of a glazier if you really fall in love with a design that you can’t find in any store or that you have between eyebrows from an inspiration. The frame of the mirror plays a key role when it comes to integrating it into the decoration, although you can also opt for ‘flying mirrors’ that do without them and are easier to fit into any style. The other extremely attractive advantage of mirrors is that, in addition to decorating, they manage to visually enlarge the spaces thanks to the reflection. That is why they are especially recommended in small rooms. There are even those who choose to cover the entire wall with a mirror when they really want to enhance this effect.

Ideas to decorate children’s walls

Speaking of children, it is precisely in their rooms where the decoration of the walls plays even more, if possible, a key role, as an enhancer of visual activity. The most common is that they are filled with color with an infinite number of options, whether they are children’s paintings or photographs, drawings painted by themselves, fun vinyls, sticker cutouts, etc. and you can even opt for the wall itself to act as a decorative element just by playing with the paint. You can resort to the simple idea of ​​painting it in one color or dare with some drawings or dynamic shapes in colors that spark your imagination. And, of course, wallpapers with children’s motifs are always a safe bet!
And although it is not an element as such to decorate, a wall can also incorporate a shelf that, while serving as storage, is also beautiful. In the case of a children’s bedroom, they are usually indispensable, especially in the study area, placing them at the height of the little ones in the house and filling them with books, as well as toys or other merely decorative pieces.

Decorate the walls with practical elements

Continuing with the idea of ​​combining decoration and functionality on a wall, in addition to the shelves, there are other elements for the house that we can use. A coat rack would be another similar case. Of course, special care must be taken to always have it in order because otherwise it could cause a negative effect aesthetically and that does not interest us, right? Like the shelves, you can find many models of coat racks and you have to make sure that they are in line with the decorative style of the house. And what about the lighting? It also boasts a double ‘deco-practical’ role, especially if we talk about wall lights or wall lamps. You can place them alone or combined with a painting or other wall options, everything will depend on the design of the wall light: if it is simple, mix it up; but, let all the prominence of that wall be taken by that piece that frames the beam of light. This is when night comes, because during the day, the lamp will shine with all the splendor of its design.