The keys in decorating guest bedrooms
The keys in decorating guest bedrooms

The keys in decorating guest bedrooms, especially if it is a comprehensive reform , and there is enough space, one of the rooms that is incorporated into the new layout is the guest bedroom. Because it is an extra space that always comes in handy in the home and, in addition, in its approach and decoration we can adopt different lines, according to the needs of each client.

Ideas that solve small interior spaces

In our interior design and decoration studio ​​we have been asked the most diverse projects that include a guest bedrooms, with which we can provide you with many ideas on the subject. Take good note!

The first is that since it is usually the smallest room of all, a good resource is the use of mirrors to promote greater visual amplitude. You can take advantage of the cabinet doors or directly place them on the wall. Another recommended idea is custom furniture to take advantage of every corner and that they are very versatile, for example, that a shelf serves as both a shelf and a desk.

Uncluttered guest bedrooms

The most general vision of a guest bedroom is that of a single bed, mainly for reasons of space. In these cases, the approach in its decoration is to place the bed next to one of the walls to leave the rest of the space free and add the essential pieces so as not to overload the environment. Wall sconces, light colors, small auxiliary furniture… are other very valid ideas.

And if you have space, place two single beds because it will always be more practical when you have guests at home. And the other option, of course, are trundle beds, where the second bed is hidden under the first.

The resource of the multifunctional space

Continuing with the more functional line of a guest bedrooms, we also have among our interior projects the recurring multifunctional space that can include an office and also serve as a room to practice yoga. And there incorporate a sofa-bed type seat that covers the specific need of a guest at a given time, as we did in this house in Empuribrava (Girona).

In these cases, careful decoration and order must be kept in mind, which is not always easy when different activities are carried out in the space.

Decoration in for guests

As interior designers and decorators in , ​​we have developed projects in the city with large-surface apartments that have given us a lot of play in terms of guest bedrooms that, of course, they could afford to include in the reform.

Specifically, in this duplex penthouse we proposed said bedroom with all the needs covered, that is, it included a sink and a shower that we located behind the headboard and with sliding doors to take advantage of the space. And in a side corner, we created the sink area open to the bedroom.

Not a bedroom… a whole floor for guests!

But, without a doubt, the height for guests is found in this apartment on Paseo de Gracia in , ​​since the project consisted of two houses, one of which was planned entirely as a ‘guest house’, both being connected.

Due to the size and level of the project, in the two guest bedrooms we were able to unleash our decorative capacity in terms of furniture, textiles, lighting, etc.