The lighting of a room is one of the basic keys when it comes to achieving a perfect decoration. Placing our lamps in strategic places in our rooms can turn any space into the dream of interior design professionals. However, we can curl the loop even more and create interior designs worthy of a decoration magazine. 

To do this, one of the latest elements to form part of interior design trends is the spherical design in lamps. Round lamps are a safe bet when it comes to providing our rooms with a sense of innovation and avant-garde. 

Due to its versatility and the diversity of styles that we can find within this range of objects, spherical lamps add a different and unique touch to any arrangement and are easy to integrate into any decorative design. The wide variety of materials in which we find these lamps makes opting for a model according to our style a particularly simple task.

Glass is a material that, by definition, we associate with a minimalist, simple and neat atmosphere. This material can be combined with others to give the design of our lamps more solidity and structure. However, the more pure, the glass designs will give a greater sense of sophistication and elegance to our space. 

Of course, these models tend to be particularly fragile and are not suitable for homes where the little ones, whether they are two-legged or four-legged, can risk picking them up and throwing them to the ground. One way to integrate these lamps without endangering our children is to place them suspended from the ceiling. Thus, we will be able to have a sophisticated decorative element in our home without worrying about the risks that it may entail.

Its maintenance is one of the simplest since we will only need a glass cleaner and a paper cloth to keep our lamps clean. Its minimalist and transparent character will give us the opportunity to admire the bulb inside, as well as to add other elements inside the sphere to make them stand out.

Round metal and wood lamps

Another very attractive material in which we can find these designs is metal, such as steel or copper. Round metal lamps give any room a polished finish and increase the feeling of luminosity since they not only give light by themselves, but their structure reflects the light and creates an illusion of a reflective sphere. Despite the apparently solid appearance of these lamps, a suitable design will give us the opportunity to integrate these designs in a light and light way, without our room being cluttered.

One of the less common combinations within this trend is that of spherical wooden lamps. Wood is not the easiest material to handle, so any design with these characteristics will have a very laborious manufacturing process and will give incalculable value to any room in which we decide to display these models. Spherical wooden lamps have been a key element in Nordic-style decorations since they combine perfectly with light and neutral tones such as white, beige or grey. We can choose models that incorporate natural fibers such as hemp or linen, as well as rope or trimmings so that the result of our decoration creates a cozy atmosphere.

Paper lamps

The most common spherical lamp models are those made with rice paper and integrated into thin and simple metal structures. Its Japanese reminiscence makes the presence of this element evoke a calm and calming atmosphere in any room, as well as a sense of feng shui and order.

The great adaptability of paper gives us the opportunity to find these designs in almost all possible colors, which will facilitate our work when combining this element with the remaining objects in our home. If, on the other hand, we want something more personal and groundbreaking, we can try to give our lamp a twist and decorate it using the decoupage technique. This procedure consists of applying patterned papers to the lampshade to give it a unique and original touch.


As we have anticipated, the versatility of spherical lamp designs makes it easy to find the style that best suits our needs. Conversely, many people are intimidated by a variety. Following a few tricks, we can achieve styles that fit perfectly with our decoration and that create cohesive spaces within our home. We must take into account factors such as the size or the location of our lamps to ensure that we make the right decision and to not only create a pleasant decoration, but to preserve the fundamental function of any lamp.

If we opt for a large lamp, we recommend limiting yourself to a single lamp that we will hang centrally on our ceiling and at a height high enough to allow passage. This item will be a perfect visual eye-catcher that will grab the attention of anyone who walks into the room. In the same way that we can find lamps in different materials, it is also possible to play with the textures and shades of their lampshades to complement the general decoration of our home.

On the other hand, we can try a simpler design and choose a greater number of lamps with reduced dimensions. By placing these lamps intelligently, we will create daring and innovative compositions that will give a sophisticated touch to our room. Placing our lamps on the floor can be another option to create an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere without cluttering up our space. When creating a composition that requires elements at ground level, it is important to make sure that their visibility prevents us from tripping over them.

We can create a pleasant and cozy corner if we use these suspended lamps in places where we would normally find floor lamps or low lamps. An example of how we can transfer this composition to our homes is by placing a round lamp hanging over the space between our sofas.