Interior design
Interior design

We know that it is often not easy to plan the decoration of a small apartment. That is why in this article we have collected the 5 keys so that you can get the most out of each space and enjoy a functional and comfortable home.

Before starting, we want to remember that in the interior design of any room, the most important thing is that it fulfills its function and the needs of its inhabitants, so always keep yours in mind when applying these keys.

Create open spaces

The concept of open space or “open space” is one of the keys for a room to generate a greater sense of space. This is why this concept is especially used in small flats.

By not dividing the space into small areas by means of walls, doors and partitions, the real dimensions of the house can be perceived more easily, favoring the entry of natural light and illumination of the same.

Tips for creating open spaces

One of the main tricks to give depth to spaces is to create a sense of continuity.

This is achieved mainly by maintaining the style of the room and the materials and colors of the floor, ceiling and walls. For example, even if a living room and a kitchen are integrated into the same space, the room will seem larger if the entire floor is of the same material, without divisions that delimit it.

Another trick for people who want to create an open space that can be modulated at specific times, such as a kitchen, work or living area, is the installation of sliding doors.

The sliding doors offer the option of being able to modulate the interiors, adapting them to the needs of its inhabitants. There are many types but the most recommended to generate amplitude are the built-in, folding or stackable sliders.

Using elongated furniture also helps create a sense of depth. For example, it is more recommended that in a small kitchen the furniture be installed on a single wall, complementing the area with an elongated island if necessary, instead of installing the equipment on different planes, favoring the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Natural and artificial lighting

Lighting in the interior design of small flats is crucial to promote the feeling of spaciousness. The more diaphanous it is and the fewer elements that block the passage of light, the better lit the room will look and the larger it will seem.

The corners, corners or poorly lit areas encourage the feeling of being overwhelmed and lack of space, so if the house is small in size, it is best to avoid dark finishes and opt for light colors that help enhance clarity and hence the depth effect.

Having the combination of natural light inputs and good artificial lighting will not only generate a greater sense of space but will also make it more welcoming and comfortable.

In our blog article “ Interior decoration: modern living rooms. The keys to amaze your visitors ” we tell you what is the best way to choose the lighting for your living room that can be extrapolated to all types of interiors.

color changes everything

As we mentioned in the previous point, opting for light colors will bring light and spaciousness to any floor. The difference between using dark or light elements is drastic, we encourage you to check it with small elements such as dressers, bedding, curtains, walls, etc.

On the other hand, to break the monotony provided by a light color palette, bright colors are usually used in the details and natural perennial plants are incorporated, which fit into any type of decoration style and improve air quality.

In addition, using different materials and textures allows you to create very attractive aesthetics without giving up the light colors that are so necessary in the interior decoration of small flats. The Nordic style of decoration is ideal for this type of home.

Less is more: Furniture

“Less is more” a quote attributed to the German-American architect and industrial designer Mies Van der Rohe . He was one of the pioneers of modern architecture and defended simplicity and architectural rationalism. Why are we going to fill a space with things that we do not use? 

This is another of the main keys to interior design for small flats. In homes with this type of characteristics, it is advisable not to use too much furniture and that its size is adapted to that of the room.

In order to achieve this, and although it may involve a greater investment, ordering custom-made furniture is the best option. Custom furniture integrates perfectly into the space, even if the geometry of the apartment has closed or rounded corners, sloping ceilings, two levels of height, etc.

In conventional homes, the modular series are another of the most affordable alternatives to be able to adapt the furniture to a small flat.

think vertical

The final key to small apartment interior design is to think vertical. Taking advantage of the space of the walls and enhancing the height of the interior of the house will make it appear larger.

As we have just commented, “Less is more” and the walls should not be cluttered with elements, but it is advisable to include those that help to generate a sensation of depth and, above all, enhance the height of the home.

For this, decorative pieces such as tall floor plants or tall narrow furniture are included to help reinforce the verticality of the space. In addition to this, vertical stripes can also be included on the walls, vertically distributed elements on the wall, shelves near the ceiling, moldings or curtains that go from practically the ceiling to the floor to attract attention to the upper part of the room and reinforce the feeling of height.

Another of the most important tricks if your ceiling is low is to use low furniture that reinforces the height of the room. The choice of key pieces such as the sofa, the TV cabinet or the coffee table in a living room are elements that help highlight the height of any floor.

These have been the 5 keys to interior design for small flats. If you are looking for professional advice, we encourage you to contact us .

We carry out comprehensive bespoke interior design projects focusing on offering the best quality and experience thanks to our multidisciplinary team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. We know how important your home is to you and it is to us as well.