This season, interior decoration professionals are betting on natural elements. In particular, stone is positioned as one of the star materials. If you want to give your home a unique style through an original touch, choosing a material like this can be an interesting option. Not only can it bring warmth to your home, but it will take advantage of the light and provide the room with an industrial and innovative perspective.

Through this material, we can achieve an original contrast between the urban and the natural, as well as combine colors and textures that will make any environment a relaxing, daring and perfect space to feel comfortable. However, to build a stone wall it is also necessary to keep in mind some rules that will help us achieve a polished and professional finish.

Stone, a material with a lot of potential

Just as our curiosity draws our attention to natural stone formations such as caves, stone is also one of the most attractive and complex materials in architecture. In this way, we must ask ourselves what is the essence of the stone and why it raises so many passions. The answer, of course, is not that simple. The secret does not lie in the material, but in knowing how to enhance its appeal by highlighting its natural beauty. A smart way to add an organic texture to our home decor is through our wall cladding. For this, the dominant decorative style in the room must have a determining weight and usually defines the way to integrate the different objects in a harmonious and aesthetically cohesive decoration.

Stone and wood, the perfect combination

Introducing a stone wall in the decoration of our home can be a risky bet. In addition to being precise when paying attention to details, we must take special consideration in the choice of colors, textures and lines, since these elements will make our room an original and innovative environment.Through a wall With this material, we can integrate elements of nature in the architecture of our homes and create a structure that encompasses elements such as the walls of the building or the wooden structure. Taking into account the state of our beams, painting and restoring them can create a cozy atmosphere, keeping our stone wall as the main element with which the furniture and other accessories walls , which will help you separate the different spaces.

A more avant-garde style

If the combination of stone and wood that we propose seems too traditional, iron or copper can be a good alternative. Integrating them into the beams or other decorative elements can bring modernity to every corner of our home. Iron tables or lamps can make our room a natural place as well as avant-garde and minimalist. By adding a natural fiber rug, we can achieve the perfect balance between a risky aesthetic and a homey atmosphere and, through the integration of mirrors in our stone walls, we can create spacious and bright rooms without the need to reform or modify their structure.

Stone fireplace, a timeless classic

A bet that never stops being a trend is to include a fireplace according to our stone wall. This element will bring light, freshness and purity to our space, as well as creating a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. To balance the traditional appearance of a stone fireplace, simple furniture and textiles in neutral colors can be an appropriate choice, especially when incorporated into elements such as armchairs or sofas. Giving preference to earth colors such as grays, browns or geige is one of the key tips of the season, as it seeks to imitate the simple and cozy atmosphere of Nordic decoration .
A good result when applying this trend to our space will depend on our ability to combine and balance various factors. Therefore, going to an interior design professional who advises us and can offer us an expert vision is essential when choosing the color, the type of stone and the elements that we want to complete the decoration of our home.