The changes in decoration trends never stop, and if you are thinking of reforming your home this year, you should know that kitchen tiles do not go out of style. They are the perfect material for kitchen wall and floor coverings due to their functionality and ability to create unique environments.

Its ease of cleaning, resistance to heat and its aesthetic contribution is what positions it as one of the best materials for the kitchen . In addition to its functionality as a material, the aesthetic contribution it gives is also very important.

Over the years, new trends in kitchen decoration have been added and tiles are no exception. Do you want to know what the kitchen tile trends are for 2022 ? Here we will show you:

1. Light and simple tones

Simplicity is back in fashion. And it is that with the exception of previous years, where the extravagant and striking was the trend in home decorations , simple designs are decorations that never lose their validity. In 2022, light or pastel colors for kitchen tiles are the latest trend.

Light tones like white will give your kitchen an elegant, simple and modern appearance. In the case of pastel colors, they manage to give it a more lively, cheerful and warm atmosphere, without losing elegance and modernity. Both options for light and simple tones in the kitchen will give it a leading role and avant-garde that will change it completely.

2. Faux wood tiles

Versatility in environments is the premise for this 2022. The appearance of wood adapts to all styles of the home, giving the possibility of combining colors and creating a warm and modern environment at the same time. However, nowadays wood is not a highly recommended material for kitchens due to the risks to which it is exposed.

The solution? Faux wood tiles , which closely resemble real wood but offer the benefits of ceramic tile material. If you want to give your kitchen that appearance of wood,

3. Square tiles

Square tiles are another thing that does not go out of style, this trend is now joined by rectangular designs. Which allow to give the kitchen a classic and rustic atmosphere, very adaptable to all styles. Light, bright colors or even different shades at the same time. Square and rectangular tiles allow you to play with the appearance of kitchens, creating a visual sensation of a larger and more lively space.

4. Tiles with a marble effect

Marble has a timeless design and is a safe bet in kitchen decorations. And you no longer need a big budget to have a kitchen with marble, since marble imitation ceramic tiles offer you the same design and elegance for a much lower price.

Not only because of its price, marble is also a material that tends to stain easily and that is why imitations of it with its beautiful design have emerged with increasing force. Marble -effect tiles add many advantages over natural tiles, such as easy cleaning and resistance.

5. Stone Design

One of the newest trends in kitchens is to adapt nature to modern decoration. Stone pattern tiles fit easily into the style of the home and are one of the most popular options. Stone designs with a natural look, stones of irregular sizes or simply tiles with tones and shapes similar to stones, evoke nature and give your kitchen an exclusive look.