Autumn trends
Autumn trends

Like every year, with the change of season come the new trends for autumn in interior decoration.

Decoration trends for this fall

We anticipate that, in general, this fall’s decoration trends are a tribute to comfort. The idea is that every corner and room of the house evokes a feeling of well-being and comfort that invites you to enjoy the rainy afternoons and the first cold days of the season.

the 70s are back

We noticed it first in fashion and for a few months it has become evident in the world of interior decoration. In recent years it seemed that everything had to be matte, now gloss is back, both in materials and in paint; metallic reflections, steel and mirrors.

The furniture with sober and very geometric designs, or in dark and noble woods, the old herringbone-shaped parquet floors or those of marble terrazzo type, which have a certain look back to the Italian Milan of the 60s and 70s of the Last century.

“warm” minimalism

If you are into little color and a lot of order, the minimalist style is also a trend this fall. The world situation that urges us to make the Earth a more sustainable planet will invite us to live in more minimalist interiors, although not exactly as in the past. We are not referring to simple, neutral and homogeneous spaces, but quite the opposite. It is about reducing the furniture and decorative elements to what is essential and functional, but adding value and design to the whole through the details.

We are talking about creating warm environments where serenity is breathed, spaces that invite you to feel good where light natural woods are mixed, with also natural textiles, with neutral colors and furniture with unique designs.

Textured walls and coatings

As more and more importance is given to the warmth of the home, plain white walls are cold. For this reason, this season moldings, textures or wood or stone cladding will be used to give a rustic touch, brick to achieve an industrial style or mid-height friezes in corridors, bedrooms or even in the kitchen.

In addition, stuccoes are back. The autumn trends for decoration bring us renewed designs with this technique in the form of jabelga-type coatings, a lime coating to which marble dust is added, or with a cement effect.

Neutrality combined with natural colors

People ask for more color in the houses and not only in cushions or details, but also in furniture, walls or doors. It is true that neutral colors such as white, beige, stone gray or light wood tones continue to be a trend this fall, but colors inspired by nature are also coming in force: earth tones, mustard, terracotta, pink , green or blue in muted and grayish tones.

Although without a doubt the colors of this season are going to be green, from its pastel tone to the grayest, black in small accents to create contrast with white and ocher that imitate the sun’s rays.

The in/out trend is here to stay

The interest in merging and integrating spaces by blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior has grown. But this is no longer sought by creating open spaces, but through glass walls. In this way, we can delimit and close the spaces at will, but letting light pass from one room to another and without giving up the feeling of space and spaciousness.

In addition, having large indoor plants continues to be one of the great trends this season and also in all rooms of the house, including the bathroom. While the outdoor areas are filled with furniture, textiles and details more typical of the interior rooms.

eco-friendly style

It seems logical that in the context of climatic urgency in which we find ourselves, with rising fuel prices, etc., organic, sustainable and recycled materials are a super trend this fall. Certified wood, vegetable fibers, recycled metal and glass, marble, stone… and the more “natural”, the better.

So if you are going to renew your furniture or decoration accessories, bet on natural fibers and materials. Without a doubt, the wood in fashion this fall will be walnut, both for kitchen or living room furniture and for floors, and the season’s fabrics will be sheepskin and corduroy.

The curvy furniture

Another trend this season is furniture with rounded shapes, especially for the living room or bedroom. On the sofa, in an armchair, in the chairs… The furniture with curved and wavy lines simulate the forms that you can find in nature and therefore, help to project that sensation of comfort and comfort that is so trendy this fall.

custom corners

If it is about feeling comfortable at home, the trends for autumn decoration tell us that we should dedicate a corner or a room at home to do what we like the most. Whether it’s writing, painting, reading, listening to music or pottery; getting a table, a good chair, a stool, a shelf or any other piece of furniture or element that you need to dress that space for you, is an absolute trend.

If you have space for it at home, great! But if not, the guest room can be the ideal room to create “your corner”. In this article we give you some ideas to decorate the guest room so that you can give this room other uses when you do not have a visitor.