Hydraulic Tiles
Hydraulic Tiles

Hydraulic tiles are a type of tile whose creation and heyday dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, and which has currently undergone a new upturn in the design of different spaces in homes. A floor with a lot of personality that easily adapts to any style thanks to the wide variety of designs and colours.

Although today there are many easy alternatives to the use of tiles created through hydraulic press, such as vinyl floors and tiles that imitate its effect, investing in good tiles for the home is a wise decision that ensures great durability.

Are you also a lover of the modernist style provided by hydraulic tiles? Do not miss the advice of our Interior Design Reforms team to decorate the main rooms of your home with this floor, choosing the most appropriate design. Take note!

Where to place hydraulic tiles in your home

At the entrance

The hall of a home is perhaps one of the most difficult areas of the house to decorate. Nothing simpler than giving it a very personal touch by choosing the floor of your dreams with hydraulic tiles.

This is undoubtedly the best way to receive visitors, with a very original type of flooring that easily adapts to the needs of the home. For darker entrances and corridors, choose tiles in light colors that provide an extra touch of light.

Kitchen with hydraulic tiles

You can transfer the same trick of playing with colors when choosing the style of your kitchen. Even the simplest kitchens gain personality when you give them a different point with this type of tile.

Choose a design that will never go out of style, that will continue to be a trend over the years, since these tiles will last practically for life as new. You won’t need to change them! Shades of green, blue or yellow are a trend this season, although you can also choose the mix of your favorite colors to match the furniture and the kitchen countertop .

Bathrooms with personality

Hydraulic tiles, in addition to being very resistant, are also super easy to clean. You can use them both on the bathroom floor and on the shower base to replace the shower tray, for an even more special touch.

Choose the colors that best go with the personality you want to adapt to your bathroom. From the classic black and white for a more elegant bathroom, an aseptic touch in light tones for the guest toilet, to more cheerful colors for the bathroom of the children of the house.

Fun flooring for the bedroom

Many interior designers are using hydraulic tiles in other unusual rooms in the home, such as the bedroom. A very original way to give it a fresh touch, varying more elegant or daring colors according to the personality of each family.

The use of this floor has gradually spread to dressing rooms, children’s rooms, terraces and outdoor patios. Also in the living room, the dining room and even on stairs, combining with other materials or with the combination of various styles.

Combination of different hydraulic tiles

Precisely the latter is the trend that is most used in today’s homes to achieve a modern touch. In open-concept homes in which different areas are concentrated within the same room, it is very practical to create separate environments with the use of tiles of various styles.

The contrast of parquet with colored tiles, contrasting terrazzo floors and mosaics that do not reach the edge of the room to create a carpet effect, with some of the most successful layouts in interior decoration.

There are endless possibilities to create incredible designs using hydraulic tiles and the Internet is the best inspiration to come up with the perfect idea for your home. Our Gilmar Reforms and Interior Design team can carry out the design you have in mind to invest in a beautiful, quality floor with a lot of personality, which will undoubtedly become the center of attention.