modern decoration
modern decoration

The decoration with vintage air is one of the most current trends in the design of a house. However, old furniture does not have the functionality that new designs have and for this reason many designers resort to integrating vintage furniture into modern decoration.

This type of antique furniture and details bring personality to any room, with small contributions that take us back to the past in its proper measure. To that time of our childhood and the value offered by old pieces made by hand and with higher quality.

You see that it is possible to combine modern decoration with vintage furniture  as long as we take into account the balance. If you want to make a mix of pieces of different styles that at first seem not to marry at all, follow the advice of our Gilmar Reforms and Interior Design team to achieve it successfully.

Integrate vintage furniture in a modern decoration

Neutral decorative base

The first of the tips that decoration experts highlight to integrate vintage furniture into modern decoration is to start by establishing a base, decorating a space in such a way that we consider the possibility of adding some antiquity. Create a suitable atmosphere to place as a final point that piece that you fall in love with so much, which will be the star of the room.

Achieving this effect is as easy as choosing a neutral decorative background. The choice of colors, the type of furniture, textiles and materials are a good start. Opt for basic pieces, with simple lines, and avoid putting too many pieces or accessories that are excessive for your modern decoration.


The place where the main vintage piece will be placed must be chosen carefully. Choose a place in the house where you can enjoy it as it deserves, but at the same time it is protected and out of the way.

The passageways or most used areas at home such as the hall, the stairs, the living room and even the dining room are the best locations to place that vintage piece of furniture that is visible to the whole family and also to the guests.

Textiles to help integrate

An excellent trick to integrate vintage furniture in a modern decoration with the rest of the objects is to play with textiles. The use of color, the use of different fabrics and materials, and the variety of styles, can be balanced with these simple decorative objects.

Textiles are very easy to change and give a totally different personality to each room. Help yourself with cushions, curtains, rugs and even the upholstery of an armchair or chair at home to use as a means of transition between two styles as different as modern and old decoration.

And by the way, we tell you that in this article we give a series of tricks to renovate old furniture that can be very useful.

give prominence

Compensate the decoration of the room with decorative objects that do not detract from the vintage piece . For example, if it is a piece of natural wood furniture, choose other pieces of different materials to contrast, such as furniture or objects made of metal, glass, or the use of mirrors.

Give the main piece the prominence it deserves, balancing the environment with other simpler objects that do not result in an excessively ornate environment.

Combine several antiques

Is it possible to mix two or more antiques in the same space if we want to integrate vintage furniture into a modern type of decoration? Decoration experts recommend not mixing too many old pieces to avoid cluttering the space. However, depending on the type of pieces, there are times when it is possible for several of them to coexist without stealing the spotlight.

Think about what pieces you want to add and find the most suitable place for each one. Mix with other furniture with very simple lines, and only combine with the decoration objects that are absolutely necessary. Make different combinations until you find the one that best suits the style you are looking for in your home, without forgetting the importance of functionality within the home, but also with your most personalized touch.

There are many types of vintage furniture that you can find in second-hand stores, flea markets and antique shops, easily adaptable to the modern decoration of the most current homes. In fact, in this article we recommend several vintage decoration 

Dare to make a restoration or modify the initial appearance, always maintaining the essence of the piece, so that it can fit better with your style.