Season changes are very exciting. New energies, colors in nature, festivities and temperatures. Therefore, making an effort to adapt the decoration of your home to this change is a very wise decision, especially in a time as colorful as spring. The space that is always recommended to renew is the living room , since it is where you spend more time with your family and it changes more frequently.

Of course, if you wish, you have complete freedom to apply the decoration or varied aspects that you like this spring. However, decoration is a task that is based on harmony , trends and the attractiveness of a space. Spring is a time of rebirth, hope, growth and improvement. We give you a series of tips so that all these emotions and sensations are in your living room.

The key to decoration in spring: color

One of the most important elements that you must apply in the decoration of your living room for spring is color. We don’t mean that you should turn your living room into a contemporary painting , but color variations and contrast are the hallmarks of this season.

On the other hand, if we recommend that the colors be applied mainly to furniture and textile elements such as rugs, curtains and cushions. In elements such as walls and furniture, it is recommended to opt for finishes in light and powdered colors ; being white, beige and earth tones the most prominent. Why? These colors have the characteristic of enhancing natural light in your living room or dining room.

Plus, those colors work as a good base for your spring décor, as they offer more options for adding different colors and contrasting. In this way, your living room will not look too stuffy and instead will make a good first impression. Other outstanding colors for different elements is water green, characteristic of nature and plants.

Pink has also gained a lot of relevance in spring decoration. Although it has already been the center of other trends, this season it returns in a softer tone to provide warmth and a cozy atmosphere to the room. Blue is also a color to consider. Of course, remember that they must all be light and soft tones , in order to provide better lighting and clarity to the room.

Change the color of textiles

Changing the furniture in your living room can be a very wise decision when it comes to decorating, since it will highlight the spring atmosphere and become the center of attention. However, it is also possible to add and change smaller and more accessible decorative elementsWith them we refer to textiles such as curtains, blankets, rugs and cushions.

For example, you can totally change the way your living room looks by adding new cushions and throws to your sofa, following the aforementioned color trends. Also, you can vary them in size and texture. You can also change the curtains to lighter colors to let in more light , and the rug to something fluffier and softer.

a natural environment

As expected, spring decoration focuses on nature, flowers and ecology. You don’t need to bring a lot of plants into your home and start building an indoor garden , unless you want to. Instead, you can choose to create a relaxed and serene environment that enjoys lighting, calm and plenty of space to breathe and de-sterion. A small natural touch will suffice.

In the event that you are thinking of changing the furniture to join the best decoration trends for spring. Here you can opt for furniture or sofas made of natural and fresh fibers. This will also help not only establish a calm environment , but also help you adjust to the temperatures when it starts to get hot.