Surely you are thinking that, with the arrival of autumn/winter (although as we are going in some areas of the country it is hardly noticeable that we are changing seasons) renovating that small terrace that you have pending is not the best option. Nothing is further from reality!

Now that it is beginning to refresh a bit, any type of reform becomes less burdensome. In addition, putting yourself now with a radical change on the terrace makes you have it ready for the next season of good weather. So you won’t have to worry about starting the reform and wasting time enjoying that terrace that you have been wanting for so long, we know it.

Of course, as in any good reform worth its salt, you have to draw up a plan. There are people who have everything very clear and others who are more open to suggestions. Therefore, today’s post is designed to cover all kinds of characters. We will discuss the most important steps when launching a reform of a small terrace and some visual examples to get you excited about reforming (there are important radical changes). We will not distract you anymore, take a look at the rest of the post!

A step-by-step reform of your small terrace

It is normal to go a bit like a headless chicken when talking about any type of reform. In addition to all the planning that must be done, it is also necessary to take into account the tastes and the current situation of the terrace in question. If it is half in ruins we will not be able to reform it in a couple of days, so seeing what state it is in is essential. This brings us to the first step:

  • To clean. The terraces have something that bothers a lot, and that is that they get dirty because they are outdoors. If we add to this that perhaps it is a space that you do not use much because it needs a good re-acclimatization, we come across a storage room without a roof. The first thing we have to do with our small terrace if we want to reform it is to give it a good pass of soap and water, or what is the same: clean it. And not only remove the dust and leaves that have been stored due to forgetfulness; also the furniture that you no longer want, the junk that you had temporarily left there while you were looking for another place for them (it’s a lie, you don’t need it) or the half-broken chair that you don’t want to throw away because if you don’t stay there you only have 3. Mark yourself a good Marie Kondo and throw away what does not give you joy.

Very well, now you can take a good look at the space you have and you can make a mental image of how you want your ideal terrace to be. Surely you find it a bit dull, soulless. Nothing a good coat of paint can’t fix. And this is the second step that we recommend:

  • Pinta! Do not cut yourself and give it a few good passes of paint of the color that you like the most. We love white because it is a wardrobe background: it is capable of reflecting light and gives a solarium effect Think that, if you paint the walls white, the furniture you choose later can be more powerful colors and will not contrast with the of the wall. It’s a choice you can’t go wrong with; From there, choose what you like best. You can also add a touch of color that goes with the furniture you have in mind. Your wall is your canvas, take advantage of it.

We are getting closer to the reform of your dream small terrace; It is clean and freshly painted but… What are we stepping on? Surely, regardless of the material, if it has not been properly cared for, the floor will be dusty. It is something that we cannot afford on our terrace, since its floor would have to be like stepping on clouds. So your next step is:

reform your small terrace

  • Change the floor. It is not given much importance, but what is more pleasant than taking off your shoes and socks and walking barefoot? Now that you think about it, the floor is suddenly very important? You can consider the options of some terracotta tiles, a polished concrete floor or, of course, our beloved wooden platform; that delicate sound of the material every time you step on it relaxes (perhaps not everyone equally) and makes everything feel more home. You can use natural wood, but you have to keep in mind that it will always need more care than, for example, sheets of some high-resistance conglomerate material.

We crossed out the floor as ‘things resolved in our small terrace reform’. Some wood is sure to add a warmer feel to the space. Now it’s time to ask: where are we going to sit? And to eat? And to do nothing? Need:

reform your small terrace

  • A perfect terrace is nothing without furniture that represents its owner. You have to think of it as just another room in the house. Write down all the needs you want it to cover (a large table, sleeping space, a hammock, a mini pool). And, little by little, she begins to choose the furniture and mentally place it in the space. Remember that you will have to choose terrace furniture that resists rain or direct sun for many hours a day. Opt for firms specialized in outdoor collections, designs in natural, metallic and synthetic materials, designed to withstand inclement weather. And don’t worry, today’s furniture isn’t crappy. In fact, they often have even better designs than indoor furniture (one of our employees has outdoor chairs in her kitchen).

The subject of furniture is complicated and can take some time. You have to take measurements and see what is best suited to your terrace, so after this step you can take a short break and use those beautiful chairs for the first time. But, there is a problem: it has gotten dark and there is no light! Even if it is something bad for you, it is perfect for us, because our next step in a small terrace reform is:

reform your small terrace

  • Put light bulbs! And not just light bulbs: lamps, small solar panels that serve as a point of light, chains of lights to give atmosphere… although in summer the day is very long, having good lighting on the terrace can make us use it more in winter, when there are hardly any daylight hours. Of course, think about the environment and your pocket and bet on LED luminaires.

We are outside, in our hammock under a strip of light bulbs on to give atmosphere on a warm night… But you raise your head and notice that something is missing, which was being outside for a little while:

  • It’s a terrace, of course there have to be plants! In addition to bringing a lot of joy and vitality to the environment and creating oxygen (thank you Pachamama for having us live), having a good leafy vegetation on your terrace helps to cool the environment on those hot days. When you water them, they will also help to lower the temperature of the area (we recommend that you feed them at night). Ask in your nearest nursery what type of plant is the most suitable for your terrace according to its orientation. Depending on the hours of sunshine and temperature, there will be a more appropriate variety for you than another. Take off that plant killer tag and make up with them. You can even organize a mini garden!

You already have everything in place: the plants in their place, the chairs placed and the drink in your hand. The thing is, despite the incredible care you’re giving them, some of the leaves look scorched. In fact, even you yourself are a bit toasty… Will the sun shine much? Well of course! Lack!

  • A parasol. As much as we love light and sunbathing, it may be one of the reasons why we have decided to renovate a small terrace, we cannot spend all day like a lizard under the Sun. And neither do your plants; there are cases of scorched cacti, believe us. A sunshade, a smart awning or an umbrella are excellent options to deal with the fact of ending up like a shrimp. In fact, it is dangerous, both for your skin and for your health, so don’t hesitate and protect yourself during the hottest hours. If you don’t get the idea of ​​the awning, you can always use linen curtains or wicker panels and ceilings. This is how the light filters and no longer shines directly; Neither you nor your plants.

End of the reform your small terrace

!! Congratulations!! You have finished the reform of your small but thuggish terrace. We sincerely hope you enjoy it. A terrace is something that more and more people have as a must when looking for a flat to live in. It offers a private outdoor space that brings tranquility. Plus, you can host super cool candlelight lunches or dinners, or even set up a projector and have movie marathons!