Once you have found the ideal location for your restaurant, it is time to translate the project that you have been brewing in your mind and make it a reality. Bearing in mind that interior design is a marketing tool for a restaurant business, here are 10 tips to succeed in the interior design of your restaurant:

1. Know the product

The first step you have to take is to analyze your business carefully , as if you were a future diner: analyze in depth and objectively the products that you will serve, the dishes and the philosophy that your company wants to transmit, in order to integrate gastronomy and architecture. of interiors defining an authentic and differentiated personality from your competition. 

2. Layout of space

Managing the space of your restaurant is essential . The entrance and the waiting area have to give an excellent first impression and from there, you must create an attractive and spacious feeling in the client. It is about combining creativity and innovation without neglecting functionality.

3. Restaurant lighting

Lighting is one of the key aspects when creating a cozy space; a combination of natural light and artificial light allows you to create intimate environments tailored to the client. 

4. Environmental renewal

Ventilation, air conditioning and heating require very precise management, especially today with the need for air renewal due to the pandemic. Fortunately, design trends such as the industrial style allow us to keep the installation in sight without losing an iota of style.

5. Music and sound

Apart from the food, the acoustics of the place is one of those elements that remain engraved in our minds. Who hasn’t felt uncomfortable having to yell because there was too much noise or the music was too loud? Millimetric, well-planned acoustics and an adequate soundproofing system infinitely improve the customer experience and allow you to enjoy the evening with all five senses. Floors  and pavements  are undoubtedly an essential element when planning acoustics and at Keragres we are experts in having the latest innovations and the best materials for your project.

6. Decoration

The decorative elements have to show our personality and try to merge functionality with aesthetics. One of the most common mistakes when designing the interior is the excessive search for aesthetics, forgetting the comfort of the client. We must project the furniture keeping in mind the final satisfaction of the client and align it with the gastronomic concept.

7. Accessibility

A factor that, in addition to being necessary, is at the forefront, is accessibility. A successful restaurant must be accessible and inclusive , for this, we must pay attention to elements such as wide corridors, ramps and railings perfectly elaborated under the latest trends. 

8. Sustainability

Another aspect that is the order of the day is sustainability. For this reason, we will try to avoid polluting elements and create our space with local products, saving resources and energy, and reducing the impact on the environment. Our specialty!

9. Color Palette

Traditionally, the colors that are most successful are sober colors (white, black or ecru tones), but without a doubt, the color palette has evolved and leads us to the star color of 2020 according to the  Pantone Color Institute : classic blue. It is essential to keep in mind that we need timeless colors that we can combine with trend colors so as not to generate reforms more often than we would like.

10. Kitchen design

There are many elements involved in creating the most important space in the restaurant: the kitchen. We can give it importance and open it to the public; integrate it into the restaurant and involve diners in the culinary process. Choosing the layout of the kitchen, its machinery and all the elements that make it up is paramount, whether we decide to open it or keep it anonymous. Do you know all our  range  of latest generation kitchens and components?