decorating ideas for children's rooms
decorating ideas for children's rooms

That the room of the smallest of the house does not have a lot of space does not mean that it cannot be used a lot. Our children ‘s bedroom can be simple, but at the same time it must offer comfort and personality . It is essential that children feel identified with the decoration of their room and that they feel comfortable in it. In the following lines we invite you to get simple children’s rooms with a lot of personality. 

It is possible to decorate original children’s rooms with simplicity , achieving an effect that will not go unnoticed. For this, it is essential to flee from boring spaces, have elements to keep everything tidy and give way to sensations by adding personality through simple ideas, with simple but surprising details.  

We have consulted the professionals at construction solution , who are experts in reforms and interior design, to give us some tips when it comes to decorating a simple children’s room and turning it into a real dream for the little ones in the house. 

Find out what furniture can help you get the most out of a children’s room, with solutions for children’s rooms shared by two or more siblings, and with an excellent distribution so that your children do not lack detail in their space more staff. 

Simple children’s room decoration ideas

Bunk beds and raised beds

Although it seems like the most obvious trick to make the most of the space in a children’s room, bunk beds are not the first option we usually turn to when we think of furnishing. Today there are many types of bunk beds for children on the market, which combine different designs to make any room a fun space. Among them, the raised beds stand out, which are at a much higher height than a normal bunk bed, leaving ample space under it to be able to place, for example, a desk or any other piece of furniture or play area. 

under bed storage

Trundle beds are a very popular and also elegant alternative if we need more than one bed in a children’s room. These usually have a large storage area in the lower part that is increased in the case of only having one bed, including large drawers to store clothes and toys.  

The beds with storage capacity are higher than usual and serve to take advantage of the space under them without subtracting space from the room. 

storage compartments

When it comes to decorating a children’s room, it is better to keep everything in order to avoid the feeling of chaos in the room. Especially in the case of younger children who have a large number of toys. It never hurts to have plenty of space to store everything and obtain a larger visual effect. This means that we have storage elements in children’s rooms such as cabinets, boxes, baskets, etc. 

vertical shelves

To have everything at hand, vertical shelves placed at different heights are a very popular option when decorating a children’s room (especially if they are shared children’s rooms). It is convenient to take advantage of the vertical space to add large cabinets , but also shelves that let you see at all times where the things that your children most often use are placed. 

Books, school supplies, shoes and also their favorite toys that they always need to have close at hand. And so that they alone can put their things back in their place, the new decoration trends for children’s rooms bring us such innovative ideas as stools and stairs that reach the top, always placed safely for children. 

Expandable desk

There are days when children just need a small space to do their homework. But sometimes this space is too small when they have to do a job that requires many materials, books and notebooks open at the same time. 

If the space in your children’s room is not enough to place a large desk, we can always include one that can be expanded, gaining double the work space. 

These desks are perfect for sharing between siblings , when a classmate comes to study or do homework with your child, or to spend time with the family doing activities on the table.

Children's room desk

Light colors

If there is an infallible trick to make a small children’s room seem larger than it really is, it is to play with colors and light . It is advisable to choose to paint the room white , with furniture in light tones that match and with small details in your child’s favorite color, especially in pastel tones. It is also important to maintain good lighting when decorating the children’s room, so that no corner is left in the dark so that it appears larger. 

Centralized distribution

It is very important to leave a central space as clear as possible and free of obstacles so that children can play. In this way, the different pieces of furniture are distributed around this center, placing the bed as far away as possible from the window, leaving this space for the desk through natural light. 

comfortable environment

Comfort and safety go hand in hand in children’s rooms . It is necessary to take care of aspects such as the non-inclusion of table or floor lamps, the placement of protectors on the plugs, the design of the edges of the furniture with rounded profiles, etc. 

To help create a pleasant atmosphere, you can use decorative vinyl for the walls that make it possible to adapt the decoration of the room to the age of the child.

Spot and ambient lighting

In the room of the little ones of the house we must choose a good and adequate lighting, which contributes to creating a comfortable space. The points of light must be perfectly placed, enhancing what they focus on and the general lighting of the bedroom must offer an ambient clarity that is pleasant for the little one.

In summary, we can say that there are currently endless options to make the children’s room a cozy, safe and fun space . A space that allows the furniture and decoration to be adapted to the age of the little ones and that in turn is a place for play and a place for work and study. In these rooms it is of vital importance that elements are available that allow order to be maintained, as well as security elements. It is also essential that the little ones in the house feel identified with the decoration of their room and that they feel comfortable playing or studying in it.