Kitchen with bar
Kitchen with bar

The best way to renovate the kitchen is to turn it into a practical and comfortable place where you can get the most out of it. The new trends in kitchen decoration tend to look for a more timeless style , with minimalist designs that turn this space into a room that does not go out of style despite the passing of the years. If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, there are some new trends that you can incorporate into its new design, among which the kitchen with a bar stands out , an element that is increasingly in demand by a wide range of customers who seek to provide functionality and design to your kitchen.

As we have said, kitchen bars are decorative as well as functional elements that personalize the room, optimize space and are very practical. A kitchen bar fulfills a double function: it expands the useful surface available in the kitchen and marks a separation between spaces , either within the kitchen itself or with respect to other rooms in the house, normally the dining room.

At Gilmar we have been collaborating for years with an experienced reform and interior design team called Construction Solutions . They will help you analyze the new trends in kitchen decoration, so that you can apply them in your next reform and enjoy a kitchen that never goes out of style . We tell you what are the tricks to renovate your kitchen, betting on quality and neutrality. Achieving a more practical space for your day to day.

How to renovate the kitchen

quality countertop

The countertop is the work surface of the kitchen and by changing it we are completely changing its visual appearance. If we also invest in quality materials, the durability of our countertop will be practically for life.

We must choose a timeless, practical countertop, with neutral colors and resistant materials that do not deteriorate with use. Wooden countertops can be very attractive, and they don’t go out of style over the years either, but above all, granite countertops will be your greatest allies, since they don’t need maintenance and offer a longer life.

light tiles

Ideally, we opt for a neutral tile color and material that does not go out of style. White or light-colored tiles are clean, they bring a lot of light and spaciousness to the kitchen, and they always allow you to change the look of the room without having to completely change the walls.

Good lighting

The choice of furniture and decoration accessories for the kitchen will depend on the preferences of each person and the needs of each home. But what should never be missing in a kitchen is good lighting that allows us to make this space a brighter place to work and enjoy with the family.

It will be necessary to have ceiling lighting in key points to achieve a feeling of spaciousness, and also in specific points in the kitchen, such as in work areas such as countertops, above the kitchen bar, on the island, the sink or cooking area.

storage drawers

A big mistake we make when renovating the kitchen is not taking advantage of the space by adding enough furniture for storage. Take advantage of this moment to place more furniture with drawers and doors that allow you to keep those objects and small appliances that you need to have close at hand, but not necessarily on the counter.

Wood and glass accessories

We must bet on accessories made of two of the materials that never go out of style in a kitchen: glass and wood. They are materials of high quality and maximum durability, which resist the passage of fashion and can be adapted to all styles.

Wooden cutting boards, kitchen accessories, large bowls to use during cooking or to put fruit, as well as glass jars to store food that can also act as decorative objects when they are visible.

Kitchen bar

If we have decided to renovate our kitchen and we are considering the idea of ​​putting an American kitchen bar , we must pay special attention to its shape, size and possible location, in order to get the most out of it, preventing it from becoming a nuisance.

Types of kitchens with bar

Before choosing the bar for our kitchen we must take into account two important factors: the shape and the space we have, based on which we will have to determine what type of bar fits us best . Let’s see below various options of types of bars:

  1. Kitchen with bar attached to one wall. Indicated for small, elongated and narrow kitchens, in which it is advisable to leave one of the sides without furniture and as clear as possible. In this case, a bar that is not too wide or that is folding is ideal.
  2. Kitchen with central bar as an island. Ideal if we have enough space in the kitchen. Another possibility is to join the island itself with an attached bar. A very modern and avant-garde style that manages to take advantage of spacious kitchens.
  3. kitchen with bar below. If we have a front worktop we can extend it with a bar to give it an “L” shape or take advantage of a projection to take it as a support point from which the bar comes out.
  4. Kitchen with spreader bar. They are used in open kitchens connected to the dining room, being the ideal solution to delimit two spaces that integrate perfectly.

Types of kitchen with bar

By way of conclusion, we can say that there are various options when it comes to kitchen bars, with a multitude of models to choose from, so it is convenient to take into account a series of aspects that will help us make the right choice. Depending on the use that we are going to give it, the function that it is going to fulfill, the size and type of decoration of our kitchen, it will be more interesting to opt for a certain type of American bar than another. There are countless models on the market so that we can find the one that best suits our tastes and needs.