Industrial decoration
Industrial decoration

The minimalist style in industrial decoration

Saturated spaces , full of furniture and decorative elements can generate a lot of rejection from the first moment. This is why industrial decoration looks for the opposite. The maxim of “the less, the better” works very well in these cases and the result is cleaner, more elegant and attractive . In the end, when selling or renting we want to fall in love through sight.

Therefore, to apply industrial decoration, it is advisable to eliminate everything that is left over and leave only what is essential . This does not mean that the result is bland, quite the opposite. Of course there can be plants, books, rugs and decorative elements . But there must also be space for nothing, for air and light to flow between the elements without encountering obstacles. This is minimalism.

Open spaces, goodbye to the walls

Industrial decor tends towards open spaces, so much so that sometimes there is no separate room for the bedroom, creating a loft-style room . However, this is not necessarily negative, but it broadens the perspective, makes the house different and gives a feeling of freedom. For those who work from home or are overwhelmed by small spaces, industrial decor works.

Simplicity is sought in materials and colors

Another key if you are looking to apply industrial decoration in your home is to always look for the simplest materials. Some examples are metal, steel, cement, brick… All that can help us remember the style of those factories of yesteryear that have their charm. The beams are exposed and it is because in industrial decoration there is no attempt to hide anything, but to give it prominence.

This also applies to colors where neutrals are the most popular . White, gray, beige tones have their space here where, combined with wood, they can create that cozy atmosphere that you may notice is missing with this style of decoration . The truth is that the result is more than satisfactory. It will be elegant, spacious, clean and spacious. What more could you ask for?

Lighting is the protagonist

Another aspect to take into account in this type of decoration is lighting. Betting on open spaces and the elimination of everything that can be considered surplus has to do with the fact of leaving space for light . This must flood the house without obstacles, which will also save light throughout the day. This can be an attractive feature to sell or rent faster.

Textures counteract that cold touch of industrial decoration

A fur rug, a chair that combines wood and metal, or the strategic placement of plants, will make this type of decoration less cold . Many times, it is considered that the industrial creates very unappetizing environments in which discomfort is generated. But, with the right combinations, this does not have to be the case. For this, it is convenient to choose very well the complements for the house.

You will also find textures in everything that is visible and that shows that your home is not perfect. To some people this may come as a shock, however there is a certain degree of beauty in imperfection .

Perhaps you are not interested in selling or renting , and what you want is to choose this industrial decoration for that home you have bought with us, Primer Grupo Gran Vía. Be that as it may, these are some keys to this decorative style that we assure you, you will not you’re going to get bored Well, the industrial is not governed by fashion. It is a trend that since it appeared has always been among the first.