larger home
larger home

The limitation of space in a home does not have to become a problem when it comes to taking advantage of every last square meter. Although the current trend, especially in big cities, is to design smaller and smaller houses, the use of space and the functionality of new furniture help us to achieve a larger home.

You don’t need to do renovations or be an expert in decoration to get the most out of your home. Just follow 4 simple tricks to expand the house effectively and enjoy each of the rooms with small corners tailored to your whole family.

Get a larger home in just 4 steps

Here are the 4 easy steps to a larger home that we want to show you.

Furniture placement

There is a basic rule when it comes to expanding the space in a house and getting a larger home: make way for natural light. The fewer walls there are in your home, the more sense of space you will get. But don’t worry, because you don’t need to knock down any partitions for light to circulate in your house, you can choose to move the furniture to favor circulation in the narrowest places.

The key is to place the tallest furniture next to the wall, optimizing the space so that it does not disturb visually. Leave the windows and doors uncluttered by putting the main furniture on the walls furthest from them, choosing only those that are really essential.

The rest of the furniture, even the ones you use to separate rooms, should be lower so as not to block the passage of light.You can, for example, use a low shelf or chest of drawers to separate the different spaces of a living-dining room, or a mid-height kitchen bar to separate the American kitchen from your living room.

More functional spaces

Today with little furniture you can make a normal life in your home without missing detail. Thanks to functional furniture you will have a two in one, avoiding having too many objects that create a feeling of overwhelm in your home.

This versatile furniture may be the best solution to have extra storage: tables that become extra seats for guests, extendable furniture, folding chairs, sofa beds for visitors and, in short, accessories that take up much less space and can be save at a given time so they are out of sight.

Multifunctional spaces are another popular optionFor example, a work area in the living room, or spaces to mix different functionalities depending on the time of day or your mood.

vertical decoration

An apartment of a few square meters does not have to be small if you take advantage of the vertical space it offers, that is, you can easily turn it into a larger home. The best option to gain space is to resort to furniture that goes from floor to ceiling, thus obtaining extra space to store, for different functions or simply to add a touch of decoration to your style.

Raised beds, vertical cabinets, integrated wall shelves and many other decorative resources that can be used above all to take advantage of every last centimeter as a storage space.

In addition, in this article we talk about ideas to decorate a small apartment that may interest you.

expand with mirrors

A very simple trick to achieve a larger home with little effort, but that we do not always take into account, is the use of mirrors. Mirrors, in addition to being a most elegant decorative detail, which can be adapted to different styles, help reflect light in your home, creating a visually more spacious room.