Decorating living room
Decorating living room

The living rooms of the homes were created with the purpose of receiving visits, holding family gatherings, however, today, the living room is considered the favorite place to relax , enjoy TV, and rest, so the decoration of they have changed. It is no longer decorated so formally, now what is sought is to turn the living room into a more welcoming place .

This space reflects the personal style , where particular tastes, customs, favorite colors are shown, generally characterized by being comfortable and spacious.

Most likely, the living room is the place in your home where you spend most of your time , either reading a book, watching a series on TV, checking your mobile, or simply staying in it to rest after a long day. Workday.

For this reason, it is very significant that it is a welcoming space where you want to be, where size does not matter, it can be large or small, but where everything is to our liking , from furniture, colors, decoration, to the plants. In which you can be both the protagonist and its creator.

It is worth mentioning that many people worry about the costs to be able to design a living room , however, in current homes, the trend is the use of more natural and simple materials , where the furniture does not have to be precisely from famous brands.

The best tips and advice to turn your living room into a more comfortable and comfortable place

Next, we will present some tips to turn your living room into a comfortable and comfortable place :

1. The ideal sofa

Choose a large comfortable sofa, fluffy , that when you sit on it you are comfortable enough. This sofa must match the curtains and cushions .

there are several great sofa stores , which design excellent quality sofas , with a wide catalog where you can choose the one that best suits your taste. These sofas are made to measure, with quality leathers or textiles and at affordable prices.

2. Lighting

It is very important to be able to count on natural light , that the space has large windows where sunlight can enter, thus obtaining a warm atmosphere.

Similarly, the installation of light regulators with which you can change the intensity of the light is recommended, achieving a more welcoming environment. And, in specific places, LED lights should be placed for when they are required.

3. Color Palette

You must choose a color palette according to your tastes and according to the total decoration of the house , in the same way, the use of warm colors is recommended, and in most cases, the use of white is the preferred color in the walls.

You must ensure that everything combines perfectly , both the colors of the furniture, curtains, carpet, so that it is a harmonious environment, where there are no sharp contrasts.

4. Furniture

You must make furniture that includes, apart from the sofa, some comfortable armchairs, chairs, side tables, coffee table, shelves, among many other things, where order prevails .

For the acquisition of quality furniture and at excellent prices , there is more than one good online furniture store option , where you will get a wide variety of designs that will surely suit your tastes and needs.

It is important that you use all the spaces in your living room . Use side tables, which come in different sizes, and materials where you can place different decorative objects according to the chosen reason. It is also very useful to place a shelf, preferably wooden, on one of the walls where you can place any number of objects, books, photos, etc.

It is important that there are enough seats that are comfortable . You can mix colors and patterns of different styles, some additional poufs never hurt.

5. Carpet

The use of a rug gives us a feeling of warmth by managing to fit perfectly with the decorative elements and furniture, giving them more life and color. In addition, in the market you will get true works of art.

The size of the same must be adapted to the place where you want to place it , they should not reach the edge of the furniture or the sofa, they are generally placed under a coffee table. There are those who prefer that this space is fully carpeted to be able to walk barefoot during the winter.

There are many types, wool, cotton and also long hair, they are being manufactured in excellent materials that can act as thermal insulators against humidity or cold.

6. Plants and flowers

Incorporate plants and flowers to give warmth, purify the air and refresh the environment .

Choose plants that can be kept indoors and are easy to care for and frequently place the flowers of the season, which will additionally give freshness to the place due to their fragrances.

7. Fireplace

Fireplaces are one of the most effective heating systems that exist , when it is placed in the living room it is possible to expand the heat to all rooms, making it ideal on winter days.

Additionally, the fireplace makes your living room a more pleasant space . There are many styles that can be adapted to your decoration, rustic, stone, cement, brick, ceramic, cast iron, and there are several types , they can be gas or other fuels, electric, or wood.

8. Mirrors

Mirrors add style, expand the environment and make it brighter , they exist in a variety of shapes, so you can choose the size and model that best suits your decoration.

They are recommended for small spaces , since placing large mirrors on the walls facing each other will achieve a feeling of spaciousness, this can also be achieved by making a mirror mural.

9. Curtains

The curtains play a fundamental role in the decoration , they fulfill a function of protection from the cold, from the looks and from the outside. You must choose fabrics that have a good fall, that are a bit heavy and that are of excellent quality .

The first thing you should take into account when choosing the curtains for your living room is the size of the windows, their location, as well as the amount of sunlight that enters through them.

The length that is generally used in a salon is one that is preferably trailing or flush. The color or pattern must be consistent with the decoration of the room.