interior designer
interior designer

Surely, and more than once, you have wondered what the exact role of an interior designer is. Well, in this post we will solve all your doubts. Many times we make the decision to acquire a new place in the city or buy a home. To do this, we are guided by parameters that help us make the right decision; The main one, without a doubt, is that we find it pretty. But we must not only take this factor into account, how many times have you found the space of your dreams, but it was not in the right location?

The area or place where your new space is located can condition to the point of having to reject very interesting offers. The solution is not to despair, but quite the opposite. Open your mind, get lost in spaces and create magical places where before there were only walls and beams. This task, among many others, is what makes the presence of the figure of the interior designer necessary.

Although we relate the term to interior design as we know it today, it can be said that the figure as such has existed since long before our memory can remember. Already in the ancient Egyptian civilizations, the distribution of the tombs in which the bodies of the pharaohs would be deposited for their eternal rest was studied to perfection. And believe me, it was not something they left to chance at all. This is how this profession has evolved up to the present, where his role becomes extremely important, managing to become the person in charge of the modification and distribution of spaces.

What does an interior designer do?

The places where a professional in the sector can work are so diverse that we would not make a closed list. The most common services are commercial premises, homes (both new and second-hand), hotels, exhibition halls, congresses or restaurants, among other projects.

In all of them , the interior design professional tries to find the optimal distribution based on the size available, an organization that allows us to incorporate all the necessary elements in the most comfortable way. The abstraction capacity that is required is not easy to obtain.

Interior designers are people capable of making a composition of a place at a simple glance, and that is not only the result of a study, but rather an innate ability.

Which professional to choose?

Sometimes, ignorance makes us tend to confuse terms, not because certain professions are related, but because there is a degree of intrusion between them. We are going to try to clarify the position of each one so that you do not have problems afterwards.

The figure of the interior designer

As we mentioned before, this is in charge of modifying spaces in general. In summary, he is the one who has the license to decide to demolish according to which walls, and which others to raise or the arrangement of plugs and other facilities. In short, he does not study spaces, but creates them to obtain maximum functionality.

The figure of the decorator

Unlike the previous one, the interior space decorator carries out a study of the place in order to get the most out of it. His work comes into play once the partitions, columns are distributed and having the open space with which we are going to work to turn it into a home, making it a more welcoming place. He studies the elements that make it up, such as the natural light that enters the house, the arrangement of the furniture or the materials that have been used for the covering (floors, tiles or walls).