furnishing Tips
furnishing Tips

Furnishing a flat with good taste is not always a matter of budget. It can also be obtained without the need to make a large investment. Just take some time to search the right places, reuse, recycle and get creative. For very little it is possible to decorate a house with a truly extraordinary result.

But, before starting to look for furniture, it is important to ask yourself two key questions: the first is to establish a maximum budget and, the second, is to set priorities and consider whether it is necessary to furnish the entire apartment or if an empty room can be left waiting. that personal finances improve.

1. First tip for furnishing an apartment: less is more

When the budget is tight, a good idea when furnishing an apartment is to bet on minimalism . This is a style that has been trending for a few years. Some basic furniture, but well chosen, can give the home that air of exclusivity that we all seek for our homes.

The ideal is to make a small list with the essentials: in the bedroom: bed and wardrobe; in the living room and dining room: sofa, table and chairs and finally, in the kitchen and bathrooms: the basic cabinets. And, since the number of pieces of furniture is going to be reduced, it is convenient that the chosen ones be showy , even if the first option is low cost establishments .

The distinction can be achieved with small auxiliary furniture and decorative accessories , such as cushions, rugs, lamps, etc. That is the bet of another of those styles that are a trend and in which what is accessory is dispensed with: slow deco.

2. Spend some time looking for deals

Rushing is usually expensive when it comes to buying furniture. With a little patience, it is possible to find good deals that will allow you to furnish the apartment, significantly reducing costs. Outlets are a good alternative because more and more manufacturers and brands have physical or virtual stores where they sell furniture from past seasons or discontinued.

And, if there is not much of a hurry to furnish the flat, there is still another alternative: wait for that establishment where the ideal furniture has been found to start a sales period or apply discounts. Sometimes saving can be interesting.

3. Multifunctional furniture

When the budget is really tight, there are furniture that respond to different needs and, in addition to being functional, they are really decorative. They are perfect, therefore, to furnish a flat with very little budget because they cover the shortcomings of a complete furniture.

There are many examples. If the budget does not reach to furnish the guest room, a sofa bed is a very practical solution . If there are usually no guests, you can always put a lift-up coffee table or a bar in the kitchen to eat.

4. Recycle and reuse

It is not always necessary to buy new furniture to decorate a home. Furniture that is a few years old can have a second life with a completely renewed look and for a minimal investment. It just takes some ingenuity and skill.

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint or a change of handles is all it takes to make an old-fashioned dresser or cabinet look much more modern. With some old doors you can make a headboard for the bed. And a new upholstery will completely change the style of some chairs. In this way you can save a lot when furnishing a flat.

5. DIY: do it yourself

Modest materials and a lot of creativity are also a good ally for furnishing a flat on a low budget. Wooden boxes and pallets can be used to create sofas, couches , shelves and even tables. If what it is about is decorating a terrace or garden, this is a recurring and very showy solution.

Buying or renting a home always involves a significant outlay. However, that does not mean that the apartment cannot be furnished with style. These tips are the key to having a magazine home for much less than it seems.