Renting a home easily, quickly and safely in a particular way is not that simple. To achieve this, it is essential that your promotion stands out from the large number of homes that are published every day.

So, if you are thinking of renting your home safely, quickly and easily, don’t miss our 10 tips on how to make a clear, concise and different advertisement to rent a house .

Tips on how to make an ad to rent a house

To rent a property it is no longer enough to make a description of it, its location and price. When all the text is written, the announcement must be made to make sense so that it does not remain as a list of loose data.

In addition, adding quality photos will help you increase the interest of potential tenants.

1. Create an attractive title

The first thing is to write an attractive headline. A hook. An elaborate phrase that clearly highlights the relevant characteristics of the house. You should think of something that arouses the interest of the potential tenant and invites him to read the entire ad.

It alludes to its potential as a “bright apartment” or “large family home” to highlight its possibilities and focus the interest of future tenants.

2. Take care of spelling and writing

When writing the ad, pay attention to spelling and wording. Before publishing, it is recommended to check carefully that there are no errors.

The explanation for this is that spelling and grammatical errors cast a vulgar image. In addition, it is recommended to avoid the use of capital letters to write the text since this denotes a high tone in a writing.

3. Explain in detail the location of the house

To begin the description, indicate well the location of the house. It is not enough to precisely name the neighborhood or the street where it is located.

It is worth highlighting all those places near the house that may be attractive to potential tenants, who may not know the area well. They are looking for as much information as possible about the place and nearby services.

For example, transportation and the proximity of schools or supermarkets are data that make housing more attractive to the future tenant and one of the effective tips on how to make an advertisement to rent a house .

4. Highlight the advantages of renting this house

For your ad to motivate the rental, it is necessary to highlight the advantages of the house. The best image must be shown through a description that talks about the main characteristics of the house. But do not exaggerate or announce something that is not true.

Describing basic aspects such as the square meters, the number of rooms and bathrooms, the orientation or highlighting those extras that differentiate the house from others, are recommended characteristics of how to make an advertisement to rent a house.

In addition, one of the most valued things is to know if the property has common services, such as: garage, terrace or elevator . Make it known in your ad! And do not forget to highlight the comfort of the garage or the large private terrace of the house.

5. Write a motivational ad

What you should look for with the ad is to encourage people to establish contact with the person in charge of renting the house. For this, it is of great importance to highlight in the text the most advantageous aspects of the property and the area, such as its tranquility or security.

Keep in mind that, according to statistical data, the Internet is the preferred system for renters to find a house for rent . This is done through real estate portals on the web, in which countless advertisements of these characteristics abound.

So, to get your ad to stand out, you have to elaborate your wording very well.

6. Add quality photos

To quickly rent a house, it is advisable to include nice and quality photographs in the advertisement. Bright photos that show orderly spaces usually increase the chances of renting the house.

In the photo session of the house, you have to pay attention to its appearance and try to have as much natural light as possible. Regarding the type of photographs that must be taken, it is advisable to make a report that includes the entire house, the exterior and the common services. 

At all times, you have to take care of the quality of the image, its resolution, and small details such as eliminating personal objects and avoiding messy or saturated spaces.

7. Add the rental price

It is very important to include the price. If it does not appear, potential tenants may be lost, either because they do not want to consult it or because they think that if it is not indicated it is because it is too high.

Also, keep in mind that knowing how to make an advertisement to rent a house, not only consists of a good marketing campaign, but also of being realistic with the conditions and characteristics of the market . If you put a very high price, outside the market, it will be difficult to rent the house.

To set the rental cost of the house, a variety of factors must be taken into consideration, such as its characteristics, condition or location, among others.

8. Contact details

You must make sure to add the contact information, be it the owner or the agency in charge of the rental. If it is only possible to answer calls at certain hours or contact by email is desired, it has to be written in the ad, to avoid losing contacts.

It must also be indicated if there is a visiting calendar, so that in this way, the tenants can schedule themselves to visit the house. This visiting schedule should be broad and include various times of the day.

9. Rent furnished or unfurnished

It is important that you indicate in the ad if you rent the house with or without furniture. Most future tenants already have a well-defined option that they prefer. Therefore, you will be able to quickly filter the interested parties by informing in the ad if the rental of the house includes these extras or not.

10. Pet-friendly rentals

This point is of priority interest, especially for those tenants who have a pet. It is common that when the house is advertised for rent, it is also indicated if animals are accepted, if they are not accepted or if it is an issue that should be consulted.