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interior design

As its name indicates, the hall of the house has the function of welcoming, of receiving. It is the first room that one finds when entering the house and, therefore, taking care of its image is essential because it acts as a letter of introduction and what it transmits will give an idea of ​​the style of the rest of the house.

Its aesthetics is important but also its functionality. Because although it is considered a place of passage, precisely because of its location right at the entrance it plays a key role and to achieve this there are countless interior design ideas that can help you bring it to life and get the most out of it.

It is true that for some time, it is said that the halls have been losing strength in the distribution of the house. As far as possible there are many projects that no longer have this space and prefer to take advantage of its surface for other rooms. Something very similar to what is happening to the corridors.

In any case, it is also true that the hall is a concept so internalized in the human collective for purposes of domestic use, that when you enter a house you always look for that piece or detail that welcomes you, no matter how small, next to it. the door. This is where the good professional work of interior design comes into play, to adjust to the wishes of the owners, in line with the project.

How to light the hall

The halls give off that special personality due to their exclusive role in the house, being an intimate space due to its usual small dimensions, and for all this it has so much strength when it comes to projecting and decorating it. In the halls, more than in any other room, “less is more”.

This means that you have to provide it with the right and necessary pieces because it is a place of passage that demands to be clear. In addition, it mostly has little light, another reason to add to your project work to try to ‘illuminate’ it with interior design resources that are not always necessarily standard lamps (desktops, spotlights, etc.). For example, it can be to paint the walls in a light color, and the same for the floor in white or gray tones . Or going further, you can also opt for glass walls , ideal for separating rooms and, in this case, getting the light from other adjoining rooms to reach the hall.

Less is more, but there is always a key piece

If the surface allows it, interior design professionals recommend placing a piece that presides over the hall. It can be light, in the form of a shallow console if we want it to take up little space, or on the contrary, it can be a more bulky one such as a trunk, an armchair, a chest of drawers, a table, etc.

In addition to the fact that this piece must be aesthetically connected with the style of the house, its role must not be overlooked in providing the functionality that the hall needs to, for example, be able to leave the keys, store some papers, etc. But also to help enhance the most aesthetic part of this space, serving as a base for decoration elements such as a vase with flowers, a table lamp, some scented candles, a figure, etc.

Wardrobe, shelves or coat rack. You choose

There are people who like to have a place to leave their coat, bag and even their shoes when they enter the house. In these cases, and again depending on the space, you can have a small closet, preferably closed; the most daring bet on choosing it open, being also more practical, although it forces you to always keep it in order.

Another option is the coat racks, which come in all styles, shapes and designs, always thinking about not overloading them too much -that’s what the closet would be for-, but basically to hang light things (bag, scarf, etc.).

You can also look for a combination with a visible part and a hidden part for the garments. And even include shelves, drawers or small integrated shelves.

The decorative and personal touch of the halls

What is clear is that in the halls what it is about is getting the most out of a small space, with versatile furniture that offers various possibilities and with the objective of being practical and beautiful at the same time, and above all that don’t be too overloaded.

Resorting to custom furniture offered by the interior design of many professional studios is a highly recommended decision for this stay, but then you have to add the most personal touch with the decoration including paintings, a clock, plants, etc., always to taste of the owners.

Decorating with mirrors is another great idea, not only as a properly aesthetic and practical accessory to look at yourself before leaving the house, but also because of its space-amplifying effect, something that is always recommended in hallways. Oh! And if there is an element par excellence linked to the welcome, that is the carpet. Warm and cosy, to choose from in an infinite number of finishes.