cushions decoration
cushions decoration

The cushions are no mystery. What’s more, for most people, decorating through these elements is a habitual and almost routine practice, since they give us the possibility of changing our decoration just by changing a couple of details. But if we want to achieve the interior design magazine look that we are looking for so much, we must go a little further.

In this post, we wanted to give you some basic tips to use cushions intelligently and, for this, we are going to base these tips on decorating sofas and living rooms. It goes without saying that these recommendations can be extrapolated to any room in our home and that we can also take risks in our decoration by taking the cushions to less common rooms such as terraces. Read on and you will become a cushion master!

A very common dilemma involves choosing between cushions in monocolor fabrics and between patterned textiles. While plain fabric cushions tend to have bright colors, patterned cushions tend to be more restrained, trying to maintain balance with the rest of the room. Bright colors can be a good option if we have a space whose decoration is particularly monotonous and neutral, since we can give them certain touches of color without making our room look cluttered. Using patterned cushions, we will create focal points that will capture the gaze of our guests. In this way, we must be careful not to overcharge our stay.

In order to obtain a harmonious environment, a common piece of advice is to take into account the rest of the textiles in our space to make sure that the cushions we opt for will be coherent with the whole.

How many cushions to use?

Although many still think that “less is more”, at Tinda’s we opted to prioritize balance before the number of cushions that we can incorporate into our room. Despite being able to use a larger number, a combination of between three and five cushions will ensure that the decoration will be complete enough without creating a sensation of excess. , ​​where the cushions became the protagonists of the decoration thanks to their combination with the hanging lamp!

When placing the cushions on our sofas, it is important to take their size into account, always giving priority to the visibility of the little ones, since the large cushions will stand out on their own. In the same way, we must always keep in mind the size of the sofa that we want to decorate. Larger furniture will require a greater number of cushions while individual armchairs or chaise longues will need no more than three cushions.

cushion decoration
cushion decoration

The ideal size for your cushions

A basic advice always present in the recommendations of interior decorators is to always play with cushions in three different sizes. Although current trends show a predilection for square or rectangular cushions, we can achieve a sophisticated and design effect if we combine three different cushion sizes and if, in addition, we opt for grouping them in descending order.

Dare with color in your interiors

The cushions are a perfect tool to modulate the tones that predominate in our living room, as well as to neutralize more vivid colors or raise the tone in rooms that are too neutral. A safe bet is to use original cushions on the sofas to create a more daring style with character. If we want to achieve a set that provides visual richness, it is important to go for fabrics that have a common hue or some element that guarantees its coherence. Using more than four different styles in the same environment can lead to it being excessively overloaded and the atmosphere not being welcoming enough. Looking at the curtains in the room, the carpets in our home or the wallpaper on the walls will be a success if we have doubts when choosing the pattern for our cushions.

eclectic trends

The latest trends are determined to make us experiment with unusual patterns and prints. We have seen an increase in interiors with particularly eclectic decorations. The innovations in the world of decoration are increasingly daring and, season after season, we see that there are fewer and fewer taboos when it comes to decorative elements. Leaving monocolor textiles aside and diving into unique prints seems to be the key bet this year. Flowers, geometric shapes, stripes… no print can resist us! The latest textile cry is the print known as chevrons, which consists of a zigzag striped motif.

As you can see, if you follow these little tips, you will be able to create a comfortable, cozy and unique space that will allow you to create an environment in which to spend pleasant moments with friends or accompanied by a good book. Although sometimes it seems minor, cushions as decorative elements are of great importance and can give us the key to achieving a perfect decoration.