dark house
dark house

Good lighting is crucial for us to feel comfortable in our home. But many times, this aspect is affected by not having the possibility of receiving natural light . In these cases, it is best to know what are those resources and tools that can help illuminate the spaces and make them comfortable places . So that you can achieve it in the best way, in this article we will tell you how to give light to a dark house and we will see some ideas that really make a difference. Keep reading and find out all these secrets.

Everyone has their preferences when choosing their home: there are those who seek space, others prefer height or the lack of noise, but surely all will agree on the importance of light. Natural light is the most precious asset when choosing a home, especially in cities. It is about the way in which the outside is projected inside and has a direct relationship with well-being and health . A poorly lit home, therefore, can be a long-term problem that tends to intensify in the cold months when we have fewer hours of sunshine.  

7 keys to illuminate a dark house

If you are soon moving to a house that is not bright enough or you want to reform your current home because it has rooms with little access to natural light, there are some decisions you can make to modify the lighting and feel better. Pay attention to these keys to give light to a dark house, they will surely be very helpful:

1. Expand or change the windows

Whenever possible, this is the easiest solution. If the light coming into your house is low, the best and easiest thing to do is to solve the problem by changing the size of the light sources . You can both enlarge them to make them bigger and move them around, changing their orientation to get an improvement. Larger windows will multiply the amount of light that the room receives. And, if you modify its location, you can radically transform the way in which natural light falls on the environment, making the most of daylight hours . 

how to light a dark house

This solution that seems so simple at first glance, in reality it is not so simple since it could only be carried out in the case of living in an independent house where a certain aesthetic or agreement with a community of neighbors does not have to be respected. In most cases, changing a window’s location is not possible, and many other times, the possibility of enlarging it is out of reach. 

2. Create windows

A decorative element that can add up in very dark rooms is to create a false window . This resource works very well in bathrooms or other rooms that are quite enclosed. It is about using a recessed frame with led lighting and a vinyl image. Simple and effective.

3. Choose light colors

To illuminate the house without doing any work, choosing light colored walls will add a lot. A room painted white, for example, will generate spaciousness and ensure that the light is distributed evenly throughout the space . This choice of color can be replicated in the furniture and you can add elements such as mirrors, glass or transparent surfaces to further emphasize the feeling of light. 

how to light a dark house

4. Add mirrors

Another decorative choice that multiplies light is the incorporation of refracting decorative pieces, which will make the light bounce and spread throughout the environment . This effect will be more powerful if the mirror is located in front of the light source, thus producing an optical effect that duplicates the light sources. 

5. Install a glass wall

If an environment does not receive light, but the adjoining room does, think about the possibility of installing a glass wall between them .

how to light a dark house

This works especially well for hallways or kitchens, some glass walls even function as screens, folding to allow an open space.

6. Add glass doors

If you don’t want to demolish walls or start a big renovation, you can try adding glass doors. These allow the light to spread much better , creating brighter rooms. 

7. Choose a floor in light tones

This is a Nordic decoration trick that works especially well: light-coloured floors are perfect for houses without much natural light . You can paint the floor white without having to make a very complicated reform, just use a paint for pavements. Another even simpler option is to incorporate a rug in light tones.

The importance of having an advisor

Now you know that there is a lot that can be done about the problem of a dark house, it is all about making the right decisions. The best thing in these cases is to have professional help , a work team that not only knows how to give light to a dark house but also provides advice and proposes solutions taking into account each particular case . If the renovation team is experienced enough, they will always find the best way to turn that previously dark property into a bright home.