A well-lit home looks like new. In a home, lighting is given little importance, but it is a big mistake. Living in a small or very dark place does not force you to give up having a well-lit space. You can learn to play with light and shadow in rooms, combine different tones or make the most of natural light.

If you spend a lot of time at home and the light, believe it or not, can affect your mood. However, the secret is not to dazzle all spaces with very intense points of light, but rather to find the perfect balance, looking for ways to enhance the tools that your home already has.

All the houses have windows, but they are not used to the full or an interior corridor that obscures the house. In some cases, cramped bedrooms are the problem. No matter what house you have, there are many options to solve this problem. Therefore, we tell you some tips to improve the lighting at home, since it will improve your decoration.

Distribute the points of light

Functional spaces such as the kitchen, the bathroom or the corridor, it is common to place a single point of light. This will cause the place to be unbalanced. The recommendation is to use between 4 or 5 spotlights distributed throughout the room.

Combine various types of light

A common mistake when lighting a room or living room is to include a single light emitter. It combines several types of light: one protagonist of the general type, along with other environmental elements. Play with contrasts at night and adapt the environment to the time of day. Floor lamps are ideal for achieving this effect.

Don’t exaggerate with the light

If you decide to place too much light in a specific space of the house, you will end up saturating the environment. Therefore, you should avoid very high wattage bulbs. Plus, your electricity bill will thank you.

Light colored walls

Remember that the walls with white tones enhance the luminosity of the house. This is one of the most effective tips to light up a dark house. White, light gray, beige, coral tones and soft pinks are the most used.

use mirrors

To illuminate the house is not only to invest in lights or lamps. Mirrors also allow light to be distributed throughout the room. In addition, you will make the house seem more spacious.

Do not forget the transit areas

The hallway is an area of ​​the house to which very little attention is paid when decorating or lighting. However, it is the access to the rest of the rooms. The number of daily steps for a family is high, so it is important to spend a lot of time on it. As it is a very functional part of the house, it is best not to spend too much on ambient or secondary lighting. The suggestion is to place a white light that allows good visibility. In the same way, the lighting for the stairs of the house must be functional and general.

Bet on glass doors

Glass doors or those with a wooden frame with embedded square glass will allow natural light to be brought into those areas inside your home. Take the opportunity to improve the lighting in the living room thanks to the natural light that enters through the kitchen.

Choose suspension lamps

Working in the light of your house will achieve an ideal decorative style. Place suspension lamps that help decorate your dining room because that way you will get a more relaxed atmosphere during dinners. However, make sure to align the lamps with the exact center of the table.


Don’t use too many thick curtains. A good idea to preserve your privacy without giving up natural light is to install semi-opaque curtains or blinds. If you want to give it a decorative touch, choose Venetian blinds.