House models
House models

One of the main challenges when we face the construction of our house is to choose the model of house that we want.

Some people have in their heads what their house will look like perfectly, but there are many others who are totally undecided. They know the needs they want their house to fulfill, but not how it can be.

In this article we will show you the different house models that exist, as well as a series of tips that will facilitate the decision.

house models

Below we will present the different most common house models as well as their main characteristics, so that you can see everything more clearly.


It is the most modern style of all and also the most common among newly built houses. It is usually based on the use of straight lines. It is also a simple and simple style, in order to be closer to nature, through large windows, terraces and large open spaces that generate a connection between the interior and the exterior. of the house

In addition, they are respectful with the environment, the materials used are sustainable and often recyclable. Alternatives that save energy are also used in this model of house .


This style is inspired by the area of ​​southern Europe on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Their characteristics are governed mainly by the climate of the area, from the type of construction to the colors used in them.

Among its main characteristics, the use of wood stands out as an important part, especially in the doors and windows, it is also characterized by having porches, terraces and balconies, all connected to large gardens and patios. This style is found mostly in areas with large fields so that the exterior space that surrounds the house shines in all its splendor.


The minimalist style in terms of houses follows the same trend as the same style referred to interior design. It’s about getting rid of everything that’s left over. It is about reducing everything to the merely essential.

Most minimalist-style buildings tend to be white and have large windows, trying to make the most of the outside light.


It is a style linked to ancient constructions, generally the facades of this type of construction tend to imitate the symmetry of the churches of antiquity, and their colors are usually tan tones. Finally, the windows of the colonial-style houses are distributed symmetrically on the façade.


This style is reminiscent of the house models of European peasants of old. They tend to be small and cozy constructions, generally built with stone or wood, their main characteristic and hallmark are their sloping ceilings. They are usually located in holiday areas and are used above all as a second home.


The Tudor style was born in England, one of its main characteristics are the sloping gabled roofs. This is due to the climate, to withstand heavy snowfall. At present, this type of roof is used more for aesthetic reasons than for the climate.

Tips for choosing the best model for your home

There are several reasons to choose one or another style for the construction of our new home, sometimes it is only looking for it to be aesthetically beautiful and others tend to look for a house with a more functional design.

Whether you are one of the first or the second, we are going to show you a series of tips to choose the style of house that best suits you.


Although the main reason for deciding the style of our house is aesthetic, it is also very important to bear in mind that it must be a reflection of our daily life, that is, that our house model allows us to carry out our daily actions.

In short, although we want our house to be beautiful, it must also be practical, including everything necessary to be able to carry out all our daily activities without any complications.


It may seem obvious, but it is something very important and should always be taken into account when choosing the style of house we want to build. First of all, the size and location of each and every one of the spaces to be built must be taken into account. We must also take into account the orientation of our home, which we must adapt to the position of the sun, the direction in which the wind blows in that area and the proximity of our house with respect to that of our neighbors.

basic structure

When choosing between house models, it is essential to think about the house in all its dimensions from minute one: both the structural part -spaces and facilities- and the interior part -questions related to decoration-. This issue must be clear from the beginning, since it is the way to avoid problems that are identified late: poor location of windows, pillars that get in the way, etc.

The fundamental thing is that we ourselves can feel identified with the final project of our house and feel comfortable in it.

house furniture

Before we have said that we must leave behind all aesthetic ideas before our new house is completely finished, but we must also take into account the spaces that we are going to create inside the house and if the idea of ​​​​the interior of our house fits with as originally projected.

It is not about adapting our home according to the furniture that we are going to use, far from it, but the different spaces that we create inside the house must be able to house everything necessary so that we are comfortable and at ease in our house and feel it totally like ours.