modular kitchen
modular kitchen

When we imagine a modern kitchen we move to an elegant and functional space that can become a room to enjoy. The great variety of possibilities that the market offers us allows us to create designs that range from minimalist to retro and vintage trends, which will give our kitchen a modern, different and personalized look. With the help of professionals in the sector, we will ensure that the kitchen is not only a place to prepare food, but also a meeting place for the family or a work place for the little ones.

we encourage you to play with the materials, colours, distribution of furniture or lighting to achieve a modern kitchen to your liking. And, in addition, to “see” in a virtual way the result of the kitchen furniture before, even, beginning the reform.

Stainless steel is a modern material that has gone from being used only in industrial kitchens to finding its place in domestic kitchens. It offers high performance for use and contributes to creating a contemporary and up-to-date space.

The combination with wood allows for an elegant and functional design. We can opt for wooden furniture with a steel top or, on the contrary, metal furniture with a wooden top. You choose!

Different heights for modern and elegant kitchens

To achieve a current look in our kitchen, we must banish the idea of ​​furnishing only with high and low furniture, as in traditional kitchens. Distributing the furniture at different heights will provide us with a unique and personal visual game.

We can think of furniture up to the ceiling for the kitchen utensils that we use less frequently, columns at half height for ovens and other electrical appliances or low furniture with drawers for daily dishes. In addition, introducing modules such as seats or hanging from the wall at different heights are an efficient way of creating storage spaces, all without overloading, but making the most of the available space.

The island as the nerve center of a modern kitchen

Whether the kitchen is a separate room or shared with the living room, islands are very practical because they provide extra work and storage space.

This element offers us multiple options that must be taken into account according to individual needs. Designing the island with shelves or drawers at the bottom is very useful when it comes to making the most of the space it occupies. On the other hand, structuring the island with a flown counter space will allow for an extra space that attends to various functions.

Other options are to place a plate on top of this accompanied by a powerful extractor hood or, to allocate it for the water area, with one or two sinks and the dishwasher in the lower part. Although why not? It can only be used as a work area, without any additional element on top. In kitchens that are open to the dining room and living room, the islands can represent the visual separation of both areas. And they help to reduce displacements during lunch and dinner.

Storage in modern kitchens

To achieve a kitchen with a modern design, we can opt for two storage solutions: open to the kitchen or completely closed. If neither of the above convinces you… why not create a combination of both solutions!

Imitating the system of industrial kitchens, we can choose to have all the utensils in sight, on open shelves. This system has the advantage of having everything at hand when cooking and a glance is enough to know what needs to be replaced.

This system has the drawback that, for it to be visually pleasing, everything must be perfectly ordered at all times. If we do not have the time and ability to have kitchen storage always in perfect condition, it is better to opt for closed furniture.

On the market there are countless accessories for kitchen furniture that will help us maintain order within the cabinets and drawers. Pull-out solutions are very practical to take advantage of the most inaccessible corners. Smart storage will help us make kitchen activities faster and more enjoyable.