All rooms in any home have their own characteristics and singularities. Therefore, to choose the best floors for each of them, it will be necessary to take into account conditions such as exposure to UV rays from the sun or interior humidity , as well as the type of use that is given to them:

The bedrooms or study rooms, for example, do not deteriorate as much as the living room or kitchen, much more used and traveled by the inhabitants of any house. Thus, in addition to the decorative and aesthetic factor, a series of issues must be taken into account when choosing each type of floor for each room. We explain them below.

Kitchens and bathrooms

Various types of flooring can be installed for these rooms that are so widely used in any home: if you have a good budget, porcelain or ceramic tiles will be excellent options to install since they resist in a very optimal and long-lasting way the humidity accumulated inside, typical in kitchens and bathrooms during any time of the year. The rest of the alternatives are these:

– Vinyl floors . They are definitely one of the best floors for houses, they come in handy in any room, although the truth is that they are especially ideal in bathrooms or kitchens because they do not get damaged by humidity , they help to prevent fungi from roaming freely and they are cleaned with great speed and ease . There are many different models to choose from and they are cheap.

– Marble floors. It is the most resistant floor of all and, in excessively hot geographical areas, it ensures that the room maintains a slightly cooler temperature at all times. Of course, this distinguished option is more recommended in bathrooms than in the kitchen , because if it gets stained it cannot be easily cleaned .

– Parquets and special laminate floors . Only recommended if they are specific for these stays, but they are more expensive for the same reason.

Lounges and dining rooms

Being the most used rooms in general in any home, it is important that you take into account your aesthetic tastes. Laminate flooring and parquet also stand out, as well as stoneware and porcelain stoneware because they have the following advantages:

– Stoneware floors . This type of flooring is the most demanded and used in our country for dining rooms and living rooms. It offers a wide range of textures, colors, sizes, qualities and prices that suit all pockets. In addition, from a functional point of view, it should be noted that this durable material is very clean and requires virtually no maintenance .

– Porcelain stoneware. Very similar to the previous one, this somewhat more expensive class of flooring has an appearance very similar to ceramic ones, but they are much more resistant and offer minimal water absorption , making it perfect for humid areas, such as the kitchen-dining room, or very exposed to wear and tear, as the living room usually is.


Each and every one of the best floors for houses described so far could also be installed in the bedrooms of any home, since as they are rarely used rooms they are not as exposed to deterioration , but the truth is that those that provide greater comfort and well-being They are usually parquet and carpets :

Both types of flooring offer the inhabitants of the house what anyone would like: to be able to walk barefoot inside the room, without fear of catching cold. Well, with carpet or parquet and the installation of underfloor heating , this purpose can be achieved.

As for the carpet, it has pros and cons. One of the pros is that if it is installed in bedrooms on the second floor of a house, it will reduce noises on the floor below. On the other hand, one of the cons is that it is not usually recommended to install in children’s bedrooms , as it is very possible that they end up full of stains that once they dry and adhere to the carpet, they will cost a lot to remove and, if you or a member of your family is allergic to dust, they will not be very advisable either since they are usually more expensive to clean than other types of floors.

Keeping these simple ‘tips’ in mind is very important so that your new home, whether in the process of being built or renovated, is well finished inside: in the same way that a good façade and ceilings are crucial, so is the floor What else are you going to step on and enjoy with your family.