Laminate flooring
Laminate flooring

Here are vinyl and SPC laminate flooring trends in 2023. A home’s flooring is its foundation and often the core of every other style and design choice applied throughout the residence. While personal taste should always remain a priority for builders and decorators, it may be worth looking at future design trends to find inspiration and help guide decisions. Here, we look ahead to 2023 and outline key home flooring trends.

Natural design is inspired by the world to enhance well-being and creativity. Introducing natural design into an interior involves blending natural materials, textures, colors and graphics into the home through various applications to achieve the design principles of a visual, material and seasonal connection to nature. 

One of the most obvious ways to achieve this trend through flooring is to choose natural wood flooring with its originality, different grains, and organically created color palette.

A hardwood floor will not only enhance a home’s properties, but will also add an element of grandeur and timeless appeal. With high durability, adaptability, and versatility, a hardwood floor will be aesthetically appealing and add value to your home. In addition, a solid wood floor will also provide a feeling of comfort and connection with nature.

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Trend watchers are predicting a return of Gothic-style decorating to add an element of opulence and historic charm to a space, and if done correctly, it can work in a variety of home styles, including traditional and contemporary.

While painting all the walls black to achieve this trend is unnecessary, those looking to include nods to the Gothic aesthetic will be pleased to learn that it can be subtly achieved through a darker, somber color palette on the floor. Colombia Laminate Flooring ‘s range of both laminate , vinyl and SPC flooring includes a selection of planks with different shades.

Given the immense unpredictability of recent years and the current stresses in the world around us, it’s understandable that flow and serenity in the home are high on the list of priorities. At the forefront of this movement is the application of flooring products that feature loose knots and effortless graining.

While laminate flooring is an authentic choice, many engineered ranges realistically reproduce the intricacies of wood at a fraction of the cost. What’s more, the ongoing maintenance required with laminate flooring is greatly reduced, as with vinyl and SPC flooring, and if relaxation and serenity are what you desire, then low maintenance should be a priority at the priority list.


Consumers are increasingly driven by the environment and make purchases based on the lasting impacts products have on the planet. While a trend may be associated with something that comes and goes, a waste-conscious and eco-conscious mindset is more of a way of life and less of a fad. Colombia Laminate Flooring is proud to have a selection of flooring options that are produced from 100% natural materials and sourced from certified forest resources.

If you are interested in this type of flooring, do not hesitate to contact us. Laminate floors of Colombia has a large catalog of floors and a large inventory of laminate, PVC and SPC floors, for all your decoration or remodeling projects.