8 Ways to Make Moving Less Stressful
8 Ways to Make Moving Less Stressful



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Removals are always a time of stress and a lot of anxiety , since the fact of packing everything always means “turning your life upside down”, since until you make the transfer effective, it can take several days. Add to that the already so frequent situation of not finding anything when you unpack all the boxes and your anxiety triples. Sounds familiar, right? Moving is always something very feared, but that can change from now on.

According to a real estate web portal, at least 75% of Spaniards have changed their home once , although the average indicates that they will end up making up to four removals throughout our lives. Something that contrasts sharply with other neighboring countries, Spain being the country that moves the least on the entire continent. 

Tips to make an organized and bearable move 

Regardless of your way of being, moving is always a very stressful time for everyone who undergoes it. To avoid, as much as possible, this generating a situation of maximum stress and even the occasional anxiety attack, from Cadena Dial we are going to give you some advice to cope with your move and not die trying, yes. 

Prepare list with all tasks

It is important to manage time and therefore, it is essential that weeks prior to your transfer you can prepare a briefing with all the pending things, that you still have to do and where you want to start. 

Clean up before preparing to move

New house, new life! This may be a good time to remove from your cabinets and furniture everything that is not essential or that you do not use in your day to day. Something that will save you time and help you have one less headache, because if you think about it… Well, one less box to pack! 

Prioritize when packing your belongings 

Continuing with the idea of ​​planning, it is important that you think about the place in the house where you want to start storing your belongings in boxes . The correct thing would be for the guest room (if you have one) or any other room in which you are not going to be in the days prior to the move, since obviously you will not be able to store all your things in the box in a single day.

It is advisable to start with the kitchen and the living room because they are the ones that you invest the most time in collecting, in addition to the fact that in other spaces there are household appliances and more basic goods that you will need almost until the last day.

Balance the weight in the boxes 

Sometimes, as a result of stress and despair, we store everything without any regard, but in reality it is advisable that the boxes are balanced by weight and separating what is most fragile to prevent it from breaking. In addition, it is advisable that you deposit the heaviest items in the smaller boxes and those that are lighter in the larger ones. 

Prepare a kit with the most basic 

Creating a survival kit with the most basic products the days before the move will be something that literally saves your life! Yes, as you read it. It is something that many do not do, but it helps to keep some items that you use during the day close at hand and then you can quickly store them in a box. 

Organize moving paperwork

For everything to go correctly, it is important that all your papers, both from the new house and from the one you leave, are in order. This also means that the companies of the contracted services have also received the notification of the change of address. This is also something very simple and that due to nerves and stress itself is usually forgotten, but it avoids serious headaches afterwards. 

Apply for permission at work 

Another important detail that cannot be overlooked is to talk to your company to find out if it corresponds to you one day or a few hours to make your move. Most of the agreements include this type of event. So, as soon as you know the date you are moving , it is important that you notify your company .

To these tips, we want to add one last one that has more to do with your attitude. Try to be positive and organized and you will see how you stop seeing it as a problem. Put on music, breathe when you start to feel overwhelmed and, above all, do everything calmly. A move is not an easy task, but of course humans make it more complicated.