Even if you aren’t an avid golfer who loves swinging your clubs on the course, there’s no denying that most golf courses are lovely, serene places to be. They’re usually deep in nature, surrounded by flora and fauna, and feel a million miles away from the hustle and bustle. 

Have you ever considered the benefits of owning property in a golf course community? They’ve become extremely popular in recent years, and they offer some huge benefits that standalone houses or homes in normal residential areas don’t. 

If you’re looking for a new property to add to your repertoire or you’re just considering becoming a landlord, owning property in a golf course community is an excellent idea. Here’s why. 

Should You Buy a House in a Golf Community? 

Golf communities are all the rage, but they’re not just a passing trend. It’s well worth considering investing in a property within one of these communities. 

Owning a home here comes with plenty of benefits. Safety in a gated area, access to private facilities like restaurants and a clubhouse, and golf course access are just some of the pros. 

Can You Rent Out Your Home in a Golf Community? 

If you’re considering buying property in a golf course community, it’s advisable to do thorough research before you choose one to invest in. 

Each community has its own rules, and while some won’t have any problem with you renting your property out, in some communities, it may be against the rules. 

We advise finding this out in advance before you even look at property in the community. Knowing the rental policy upfront can save you time, effort, and money in the long run. 

If you find a rent-friendly golf community, be sure to learn everything you need to know about renter and owner protocols. For example, some communities may not allow renters to use the owner’s golf membership privileges and instead only allow them to play as a guest. 

Even those that do allow a membership transfer may require in-depth paperwork. It may also be difficult to transfer the membership back if your renter moves away or transfer it from the old renter to a new renter. 

Benefits to the Landlord: 

Considering the popularity of golf communities, there are certain benefits to landlords. Golf course properties are still rising in popularity, so you most likely won’t struggle to find interested tenants. 

Golf course communities are also suitable for just about anyone. Families, couples, singles, young, or retired. You can take your pick of renters, and you can also keep your price high to match what your renters will be getting. 

Often, garden maintenance is covered by the H.O.A., so it’s not likely to be something you need to worry about keeping up with as a landlord. 

And on top of everything, you’ll have a beautiful home with a beautiful view in a tranquil environment for your own retirement! 

Community Features That Appeal to Tenants: 

#1: Safety 

Whether an individual or a family, safety is a big draw in a golf community. They’re gated and carefully monitor anyone arriving, so it’s generally safer to walk around, day or night, without worrying. 

For parents, this offers peace of mind when it comes to their children. Kids can spend time with their friends, walk to the house next door, or head to community facilities without their parents worrying about their safety. 

It also minimizes the risk of homes being broken into, which puts owners and renters at ease in terms of property, possessions, and insurance. 

#2: Space 

For some, the crowded, cluttered big city environment is just too claustrophobic for their liking. Living right on a golf course means you have an open, spacious backyard. 

You usually don’t have to worry about golf balls flying past your window, either. Golfers don’t usually come too close to their homes. 

This is ideal for families with kids, as well as those who simply enjoy having a wide open nature area to admire while drinking their morning coffee. 

#3: Community 

Socializing can be difficult in post-pandemic times. A golf course community is a ready-built social group. While not everyone will automatically get along, it’s an excellent way to build a close-knit community of people you can trust. 

Many golf course communities keep a full schedule of events within the community gates. Book clubs, game nights, movie evenings, and neighborhood barbecues are some of the things to be expected. 

#4: Amenities 

Golf course communities are usually well-equipped with a variety of amenities for the residents to enjoy. Apart from the obvious golf course, these may include a communal swimming pool, tennis courts, squash courts, parks, hiking or biking trails, and a kids’ center. 

Many golf communities also have an array of restaurants, and some may even include their own stores so residents don’t have to leave the gates to do their grocery shopping. 

The Pandemic’s Effect on Golf Communities’ Popularity 

Golf course communities have been around for a while, but their popularity has really soared since Covid-19 hit us. 

The pandemic has forced many to rethink our priorities. Health, fitness, and wellness have become more important to many individuals as well as families. 

So have financial savings. This is why many individuals who are in the market for both a new home and a golf membership are choosing to buy or rent property within a golf course community. 

Living on a property with a view of a golf course has also become much more coveted since our homes became our offices. Working from an open-plan office with stunning views of green and white bunkers makes work feel much more bearable. 

In short, golf course communities offer a sense of closeness, safety, and a feeling of being permanently on vacation! 


Do the benefits of owning property in a golf course community outweigh the cons? We believe so. 

Since the rise of the pandemic, the way we interact with others has changed. So has the way we live in our own homes. Golf course communities bring the best of both worlds to you—close-knit community and safe socializing while still being able to have your own space and stay as socially distanced as you need to. 

That, coupled with the price people are willing to pay for the safety, amenities, and beautiful surroundings makes these kinds of homes an excellent choice for landlords. Get your fall photography on and get ready for renters to come flocking. 

About the Author 

Jordan Fuller and John Marshall are both golf pros who love sharing their knowledge and advice with other amateur and intermediate golfers. If they’re not swinging their clubs on the course, they’re sharing helpful information on their website, Golf Influence.