curtain cleaning tips
curtain cleaning tips

Giving one’s curtain a thorough and proper wash is definitely a big task in itself. But that is something you just cannot do without if you want them to stay in tip top condition. Clean curtains contribute heavily to the aesthetics of any room. They also keep the dust out to a considerable extent. Considering these factors you should vacuum your curtains every week and also clean them every few months or so. 

Curtains are delicate enough to expect little care from you. If you clean your curtains with time and effort their life keeps extending for years at a stretch. otherwise chances are high that the fibres will rot. Finally you have to buy new ones at short and regular intervals. 

In the following sections of this blog post let us explore few tried and tested tips on curtain cleaning. These tips are provided by trained and skilled professionals. These are your best guidance to keep your curtains look as good as new for years together.

Cleaning venetian blinds  

Start with removing all the hooks and curtain weights. Also loosen the heading tape. You should let the hem down in case there is a chance for the fabric to shrink a little. Shake the curtain well to get rid of the dust. 

In the next step soak the curtain (or curtains) in cold water. Wash carefully using your patient. Wash it accordingly as the fabric of the curtain requires. If you are on a hand washing spree then make sure the detergent is properly dissolved in water before you immerse the curtains. Avoid wringing or rubbing the item.

Rinse the item thoroughly. Apply force to squeeze out as much water as you can from the fabric. For that matter it is okay to make use of a short spin in the washing machine. On the other hand if you are washing the item in washing machine make sure to set the programme for delicates. 

Iron the curtains till those are damp. Iron the wrong side of curtains and do it length-wise. You can stretch the fabric from time to time while ironing. This will stop puckering of the seams along the surface. You can hang the curtains back in place till they are still little damp. Thus they will drop to the right length.

However you should only spin or iron your curtains if those are mentioned on the label. It is also important to dust and clean the curtain tracks well before placing the curtains back. 

When you are dry cleaning your carpet

Professionals with years of hands-on expertise in curtain cleaning in London suggest if your curtains are heavy and large then it is better to dry clean them. Dry cleaning is always safer and better with professionals. There are many reliable cleaning agencies in and around the city that performs top of the class dry cleaning. Experts associated with such businesses can also guide you on the right garment care. 

Curtains made of wool, velvet, chenille, tapestry, velour, silk and brocade require dry clean.  The same care applied for interlined curtains too. 

If the symbol ‘P’ is there in the fabric care label, it means perkcholorethylene can be used on those curtains for cleaning. In professional cleaning terminology the chemical is more popularly referred to as perk. This type of curtains must be cleaned only in a cleaning facility centre. This is because fabrics that are cleaned with perk have to be tumble dried. That is why you cannot carry out this cleaning procedure at home. The toxic fumes that result from tumble drying are collected in a specially designed sealed machine.  

If your curtains have water born stains then it is important to add soap and water to the solvent to get rid of those stains. You must be aware about the fact that heat, moisture and mechanical action may result in shrinking of your curtains. Lastly a clothing press is required for finishing the task for once and for all.

Steam cleaning 

Curtains that are made of heavy materials are difficult to take down to a cleaning facility. In those cases steam cleaning proves ideal. You can steam clean curtains at both home and business premise. Trained and skilled professionals will start from the top of the curtain and gradually work down. They are well aware about how far away the appliance is to be maintained so that the curtain does not get too wet. Steam may cause severe burn. So professionals cover themselves up in right protective gear to carry out the task safely.

Hot water extraction

Curtains which are not prone to damage due to exposure to excess amount of water are ideal for cleaning through hot water extraction method. The specialised method proves gentle of fabrics but effective in removing dust and dirt. A mixture of hot water and specially formulated solutions takes care of stubborn stains. However the procedure requires some time for fully drying of the fabric. 

The tips discussed above are already tried and tested. You can be rest assured these are safe to apply on your curtains. These tips are shared by one of the best curtain cleaners in London – the 4 Seasons Carpet Clean. The business is trusted by an ever increasing number of people because of its top class service. Providing one of the best professional cleanings at an affordable cost is the key to success for this commercial outfit.