dressing rooms
dressing rooms

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t dreamed of a dressing room like Carrie Bradshaw’s? Who has not imagined the sensation of opening double doors to access a kilometer-long closet and finding themselves in front of a row of stilettos and stilettos? Many people discard the idea of ​​installing a dressing room in their homes because they believe that this space will give a superficial and ostentatious image to their homes. This idea, however, could not be further from the truth. A dressing room, whatever its size, will give our space a sophisticated and designer air, as well as a sense of order and care that will convey to any guest our great attention to detail. If renovations are coming up in our bedroom, why not bet on that dressing room designed hundreds of times in our imagination?

As a result of the American walk-in closet concept, more and more people are choosing to design independent closets. To do this, in this post we offer you a guide with everything you need to understand the design of dressing rooms. It’s just a few details! Bearing in mind factors such as the materials in our space, its layout, as well as the infinite technological advances that we can integrate into our dressing room, have the home automation you need. You can follow the trend you want!

A successful choice of materials will help our dressing room evoke the trend we are looking for and create the atmosphere we would like. The great variety of materials that we can integrate in this space means that we have almost no restrictions when thinking about the design of our dressing room. The options are endless! To facilitate this choice, it is important to ask ourselves the question of what kind of atmosphere we want to achieve with this space or what trends we would like to incorporate.

Among the most used elements, we can find wood, metals such as steel or copper, stone and glass, which can help you separate environments as we explain in this post, but leaving parts of your dressing room visible.

For many, wood is a safe bet if we want to achieve a design in which we feel welcome and comfortable. By adding metallic details and prioritizing somewhat darker colors, we can give rise to a space with a more industrial and masculine aesthetic. This effect can be enhanced through leather or leather elements, as well as with the installation of visible systems that will make our dressing room much more functional and accessible.

If we want to give it a more sophisticated touch, including details in dense materials such as stone or marble will be a perfect choice. Taking into account the high price of these materials, a smart way to integrate them into our design is by combining them with wood, particularly white wood that will favor contrast.

stone wall can give it a unique touch, although this material can become the protagonist of our design if we install it in a central piece of furniture or an island.

A designer dressing room

One of the attractions of walk-in closets is to create an independent space in which to host our ritual prior to each occasion. We just have to be smart with the arrangement of our decoration to integrate it into any home! An option that requires less space and may be feasible for small and urban apartments is the wall dressing room or a closet created in the space between the headboard of our bed and the wall.

If we want to preserve this feeling of open plan without, on the contrary, sacrificing our privacy, we can integrate doors of a light and light design. An interesting option may be to opt for glass doors, either transparent or translucent.

custom furniture

The degree of adaptability of the dressing rooms is so high that many opt for custom designs. Having an interior design professional will help us get the most out of our homes without sacrificing the practical nature of these spaces. Advised properly, we can combine modules of different heights, elements of different styles and trends, as well as furniture with an open and closed front design. If we want to raise the tone of our decoration or if we are looking for an even more sophisticated result, a chaise longue can be the icing on the cake for a more than perfect design.

In the dressing room, giving prominence to unique details of our home such as sloping ceilings, large windows or masonry columns, we can provide our space with incredible originality.

combine styles

Another way to create unique spaces is by combining different styles and creating an attractive mix with modern, minimalist, vintage or more conventional elements. If we manage to carry out this trend with a bit of balance, the result will be an avant-garde and innovative space, always in fashion and with a very personal touch. A very striking example of this technique is to integrate traditional and sophisticated lamps in more industrial settings. This is the case of the crystal chandeliers that we can see in dressing rooms whose protagonists are the details in steel or copper. This combination will warm our space and create an intimate and elegant atmosphere.