The current trends for bathrooms are varied and for all tastes, they include a combination of classic and modern materials, as well as elements that return to decoration with great force, including pastel colors and metals such as copper. When deciding how to decorate a small bathroom we have many options, however, each of these trends seeks one thing: to create spaces for rest, emphasizing the new approach that this area of ​​the house has taken.

Bathtubs can be very relaxing, but also a problem when you don’t have a lot of space. To maximize every square meter, shower trays have become a widely used resource. There are different materials, colors, dimensions and finishes to combine with the decoration. They are mostly very modern and offer ease in terms of cleaning, space and functionality. Our recommendation is that you place the largest that your space allows.

02. Glass partitions that provide more functionality

Within these new interior design trends to decorate small bathrooms, glass partitions are one of the most sought after elements. They are more practical than a curtain, more hygienic and easier to clean; some even have treatments that facilitate it. From our point of view, transparent glass partitions without profiles are always a success, in this way the light will flow and the design will have continuity throughout the bathroom.

03. Modern design faucets and sinks, another trend for decorating small bathrooms

The spa concept is transferred to homes with the new designs of showers and faucets, which in themselves are a key element when choosing how to decorate a small bathroom due to their finishes and sophisticated lines. As we have already pointed out, taps can provide a special touch to your bathroom, but in order to choose the perfect option, a multitude of details must be taken into account, such as their height and functionality. We always recommend taking into account the technical advances of some brands to improve water consumption, which in the long run are a great advantage.

Another element that will add personality to your bathroom are the toilets, or countertop sinks, a functional as well as decorative element that adjusts to different styles depending on the model and materials we choose. The different shapes, colors and textures that you will find will give that touch to the style of your bathroom.

04. Pastel colors: prevail over traditional whites

Although it seems like a new style, it is something that has been used quite frequently in interior decoration. Of course, these are not entirely one-color bathrooms. We are talking about the combination of a pastel color such as pink, blue, mint green or yellow with gray or white, or with other materials such as glass, wood or metals. This trend breaks a bit with the cold of a totally white bathroom , but at the same time preserving its functionality in terms of creating spacious and relaxing spaces.

Our advice? The walls painted in pastel color combined with wet areas in white ceramic and furniture and countertops in light wood, are a safe option that will bring a touch of light and freshness to your bathroom.

05. Furniture to maximize space in decorating small bathrooms

One of the big problems with small bathrooms is the limited storage capacity they offer. In the proposals for decorating small bathrooms are furniture designs that offer storage space, usually under the sink and are a decorative element. In these cases, we must take into account where the drain is located so that it does not disturb when it is opened, although another good option is to use space-saving drains that leave almost the entire area free. We encourage you to put the furniture under the hanging sink since, by not touching the floor, you will gain a feeling of lightness and it will be easier to clean the floor.

06. Metal elements with more variety of colors

Metal, mainly stainless steel, is a decoration element that is always present in bathrooms. But the idea of ​​changing or combining the traditional silver color with gold or copper is gaining more and more strength. Showers, faucets, hangers or details in lights and mirrors incorporate these colors and their options are so varied that they can be adapted to both modern and minimalist decorations as well as a classic and vintage style.

07. Lighting with warm LEDs

Lighting is essential and an important element when decorating small bathrooms. In this case, LED lights are imposed through various decoration options such as being recessed at different angles or incorporated into furniture. In addition, these lights are efficient and provide significant savings in energy consumption, so they are doubly functional. If you want the bathroom to stop being a transit area and gain prominence in your home, use neutral or warm lights, placing the LEDs strategically and avoiding cold or white light.

Many of these trends require a comprehensive reform of the bathroom, but offer the possibility of achieving practical, comfortable and highly stylish spaces. We have already given you our ideas to decorate a small bathroom, now it’s your turn.