Luxury Modular Homes
Luxury Modular Homes

Sustainable modular and prefabricated houses  take the record in energy efficiency and logistics on many occasions. Its prefabricated structures manage to reduce its assembly time on site.

This helps to substantially reduce economic spending and also save energy from its construction to its useful life as a home .

Modular houses have been able to include the latest advances in habitability to adapt their format to any type of building . Thanks to this, we can even find passive modular houses .

Examples of Manufactured and Modular Homes 

Here are some good examples of prefabricated homes that any lover of modular architecture will love:

Prefabricated sustainable house – Brockloch Bothy

This house is an example of ecological construction that serves as rural accommodation for families and couples who want to spend a few quiet days in contact with nature.

It is made up of four prefabricated modules , grouped according to a square configuration, within a farm that occupies an area of ​​almost 77 hectares. The house is self-sufficient in energy thanks to solar panels placed on its roof and has large glass enclosures on one of its facades.

Wood obtained in a sustainable way has been used , a natural thermal insulation of sheep’s wool, eco-paint that is respectful with the environment and a foundation that hardly has an impact on the environment.


Prefab Mini House – My Micro NY

There are many more examples of mini prefabricated houses , but we will focus on My Micro NY, a project that was born from a competition with the aim of finding the best design for students. One or two people can live in this prefabricated module and it is a flexible typology that allows modular construction in height.

City ordinances do not allow homes smaller than 400 square feet (37.16 m2), nor do they allow an entire building to be occupied by micro-apartments, but the city office decided to waive certain regulations at the Kips Bay site in order to allow the My Micro NY project.

Hence, it is the first small apartment building in New York and the tallest building in Manhattan to make use of modular architecture .


Sustainable Housing – Homestead House

The construction of this house has been thought of in vaulted modules designed from sheets of steel joined together. This type of construction speeds up time and reduces costs.

The house has photovoltaic panels and wind turbines that collect energy, the arched roofs also collect water and store it in special tanks that are located below ground. Meanwhile, passive air conditioning is used to cool or heat the house .


Prefabricated Housing – Vipp Shelter

It is a steel refuge in nature of only 55 m2 , glazed on its two longest sides. It has been designed as a total design object, in which all the decisions, both constructive and aesthetic and spatial, have been made beforehand.

It has the characteristic that it is part of the landscape, it does not adapt or integrate with it. It can be installed anywhere, but it is not intended to be a mobile home since it is intended to take root in the place itself.


Mobile and transportable modular housing Series ÁPH80

It is a transportable house for two people that can be installed anywhere, although it has also been designed to add more modules and make it suitable for more occupants. Its surface of 27 square meters and the volume of 80 cubic meters makes it perfectly loadable on a truck.

Its interior is studied down to the last detail, so that inside there are three different areas: a living room with a kitchen, a bedroom and a complete bathroom. Although its manufacturing time is 8 weeks, its assembly on site is done in a short day.