Luxury Modular Homes
Luxury Modular Homes

The modular home market has been evolving in recent years, achieving luxury, modern and energy efficient models .

This revolution has meant the adaptation of this modular market to all audiences , enabling the construction of luxury modular houses , which follow the new construction trends and have the best qualities available on the market.

In Inarquia we have already told you about mini prefabricated houses or models of prefabricated houses for less than 80,000 euros . In this article, we will see 5 models of luxury modular houses that will make you dream and in which you would surely love to live.

5 Luxury Modular Homes That Will Make You Fall in Love: Designs and Photos

Why you choose to live in a manufactured home is self-evident. As you know, modular homes offer many advantages , since they are efficient and manufactured under very high quality standards. In addition, the manufacturing process is quite fast , so you can have your home in a few weeks.
Next, we will show you 5 models of luxury prefabricated houses that we are sure will not leave you indifferent.

Model Flat Roof Sample 6

This is a simple , yet modern , luxury prefabricated house model . With almost 300 square meters divided into two levels, this house is perfect for losing yourself in the middle of nature.

Made of wood and glass , this house has a unique and defined architectural style that, without a doubt, will not make it go unnoticed. Inside, it is characterized by its open concept , its vaulted ceilings and large windows that will fill the house with light.

If you live in the middle of a natural environment, the view from your windows will be spectacular at all times of the year, leaving you free to view the landscapes and their changes with the different seasons of the year.


In this video you can see in more detail what this type of house manufactured by Huf Haus is like.

Model Art 9

This model of prefabricated house , also from the German company Huf Haus, has almost 300 square meters divided into three floors and its structure is entirely made of wood .

It also has a panel to control the temperature , the lighting of the house and to even play background music throughout the house.

In addition, it has air conditioning by means of a heat pump and a photovoltaic panel system that, in addition to being luxurious, make the Art 9 a self-sufficient and energy-efficient house model.


Premium Cube House

As we have seen, the construction of modular houses has no limits and proof of this is the Cube Premium models . Available with 200 or 300 square meters, these two-story homes are made with high-end materials .

The structure is made up of hot-rolled carbon steel beams . The facade has an elegant exterior marble cladding and, in terms of finishes, the windows with an anti-fragmentation and thermal bridge break system and its PVC doors stand out.

In the case of the 300-meter houses, these have 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, although customization options are offered. To be energy efficient, the Cube also have underfloor heating and cooling powered by a heat pump using aerothermal energy .


Kubik Premium Modular House

Another luxury prefabricated house model is the Adeje model . Made of steel , this isolated single-family house has the combination of several modules that follow a simple and pure design , based on current trends.

Of course, this luxury house has all the facilities , all of them of high quality, and with a totally customizable style and finishes.
In addition, it has a fairly high level of efficiency thanks to the quality of its thermal and acoustic insulation, made of rock wool, the use of aerothermal energy for domestic hot water and a bioclimatic design that seeks the best orientation based on the sun and protection of the prevailing winds.


Giulia Model Steel Modular House

This Tekdóm model has a totally modern but minimalist design . Distributed on two floors, this house can be fully customized by the buyer .
With high quality finishes, it has approximately 150 square meters that show that a house does not have to be large to be luxurious and of high quality in its materials and finishes.


In most cases, manufacturers also offer the option of installing the houses with accessories such as swimming pools or garages , so having a luxurious, functional modular home with space for relaxation is not a problem with this type of system. building.