kitchen countertop
kitchen countertop

The kitchen area could be considered as the heart of the home. Perhaps it is one of the spaces where the inhabitants spend most of their time, being also the most used in the whole house. For this reason, more and more families want to make a comprehensive reform of their kitchen , and in this type of reform, special attention is paid to the materials that will be used in the kitchen counter .  

Either because the useful life of our kitchen has reached its limit or because we want to renew its environment, conceiving the idea of ​​a reform can lead to many questions, especially when choosing a countertop. There is no ideal countertop, but the one that fits your needs. 

Keep reading and find out more about the best materials for your kitchen countertop.

1. Porcelain – One of the best materials for your kitchen countertop

Porcelain or synthetic stone countertops have become a trend. Their unique characteristics make them stand out from competing materials. Thanks to its low porosity index and its high resistance, porcelain countertops are capable of withstanding high temperatures and blows without deforming or deteriorating .

In this type of countertop there is a wide range of textures and colors, which can be flat or mimic the pattern of marble, wood or concrete, while their finishes can be opaque and satin.  

Advantages of porcelain countertops 

Porcelain is one of the most versatile materials. The format in which it is delivered, its durability and its appearance are the main advantages offered by this material . In addition, its use is not only restricted to the countertop, but it can also be applied to the dashboard.  

Disadvantages of porcelain countertops 

It is not necessarily exclusive, but the following could be considered as a general rule: quality has a price. Porcelain countertops are one of the most expensive we can find on the market . On the other hand, they are thin gauge, so they should not be used with undermount sinks.  

Other kitchen countertop materials 

Although porcelain is a widely used material, the reality is that there are various material options for our countertop. Next, we explain in detail the different options available.

2. Silestone countertops

A quartz countertop automatically makes you think of Silestone and Compac. These companies are a leading benchmark in terms of countertops made from quartz. 

The countertops of these commercial brands contain between 90 and 95% quartz, in addition to other materials, such as resins and pigments. Among its main features, special emphasis is placed on its durability and resistance , in addition to practically zero porosity and the wide variety of mass finishes.  

Another aspect worth noting is that the final texture of these countertops has nothing to do with printing processes, but rather is the result of a volume given entirely by the material itself.  

Advantages of Silestone countertops 

Compact quartz is antibacterial, a highly desired feature, as it helps to maintain the hygiene of the countertop.  

On the other hand, quartz also offers resistance to stains and is easy to clean . However, the most desired feature of Silestone countertops is their flexibility of finishes, which are adaptable to any decorative style.  

Disadvantages of Silestone countertops 

Despite having excellent advantages, one of the main disadvantages is that these countertops are not very resistant to heat . In this case, it is imperative to have utensils on hand that can function as high temperature insulators when you need to support hot pots.

3. Granite countertops

Natural stone continues to be one of the most traditional kitchen countertop materials that exist, which also continues to garner many followers. Granite is one of the hardest stones in nature, with a beautiful appearance that is difficult to match using synthetic finishes .


Advantages of granite countertops 

Its resistance stands out mainly, which makes it an ideal material for kitchens that will be exposed to a lot of work . In addition, it is not sensitive to heat, it is difficult to scratch and its appearance remains intact over time. 

Likewise, if you have a small kitchen, this material will make it look elegant and aesthetic. 

Disadvantages of granite countertops 

Although its appearance is undoubtedly very beautiful, it is not very flexible and difficult to adapt to different styles.

4. Marble countertops

Marble is another of the kitchen countertop materials that stands out for its elegance and sophistication. If what you want is for your kitchen to have a unique and exclusive touch,  you definitely have to have a marble countertop.


Advantages of marble countertops 

Marble is one of the most exclusive materials, especially since no two are alike. Likewise, it is sustainable, friendly to the environment and durable over time. In addition, and unlike granite and other kitchen countertop materials, marble is available in an infinite number of colors .

Disadvantages of marble countertops 

Just as it is an exclusive material, it is also a delicate, sensitive and excessively expensive material. Due to its high porosity, stains find a place to drain. Similarly, it is less resistant and durable than granite, so it can give in to blows. 

5. Wood countertops

Without a doubt, wood is one of the favorite materials when doing a comprehensive kitchen reform . Like natural stone, wood has not ceased to be used frequently . 

It is considered a very noble and elegant material, at the same time that it brings warmth to the room. Although it requires more care than other kitchen countertop materials, its appearance, properties and textures will definitely make anyone fall in love. 


Advantages of wooden countertops 

It is an affordable material that offers great quality. At the same time, depending on the tree from which it is extracted, we will have access to endless possibilities in terms of colors and finishes.  

Disadvantages of wooden countertops 

The use of wood in countertops is usually classified as purely aesthetic, since it is not functional for this purpose because it wears out much more easily than any other material, even after undergoing treatment processes. 

Which of the kitchen countertop materials is better? 

Choosing the material of our countertop appropriately is of great importance, since this will directly influence its useful life. There is obviously an extensive list of materials available, but only a professional can make the right choice to strike the perfect balance between functionality, aesthetics, and budget.