What is the color taupe?

Grey, beige, some brown, shades of pink, but… what color is taupe really? Also known as taupe or mink color , it covers a wide range of neutrals that goes from gray to beige through its different shades and intensities.

This is one of the keys to its success: its versatility in terms of shades, ranging from bright to darker, makes it an ideal neutral to combine with other colors and adapt to any decorative style: classic, rustic or even minimalism . warm .

what is the color taupe

Taupe color: 5 reasons to use it in decoration

Regardless of the intensity or tonality you choose, the taupé or taupe color is a success. These are its most recognizable features and they will convince you to make it your new favorite color in decoration.

  1. Timeless : All neutrals share the same common denominator. The timelessness. This feature is very important, especially in interior decoration, as it makes it a very versatile color that can be combined with many other colors to achieve the desired effect and without the risk of going out of style.
  2. Safe bet : There are colors that are trendy, but they can be somewhat risky when decorating, especially if you are somewhat conservative. On the other hand, the same does not happen with this color. It is very difficult to make a mistake and very easy to get magazine results.
  3. Elegant : It is its best adjective. In home decoration, it brings poise and style to any corner of the house.
  4. Serene : Colors have an effect on our mood. They can convey joy, encourage creativity and, as in the case of taupé, create an atmosphere of serenity and calm.
  5. Versatile : As we have already mentioned before, taupe is a neutral that fits with any style and personality.

why use the color taupé in decoration

How to use this color in decoration

Light and soft, it adapts to all styles of decoration . However, for the result to be the desired one, certain rules must be followed:

Better alone than in bad company

It is a very easy neutral to combine with other colors. However, the taupé is better alone or in tandem . If you want to mix many colors, forget about it.

Less is more

An affirmation that fits like a glove. Especially if you choose a darker shade. In that case, use it without excesses or combine it with very light colors . If it is applied as the only color in a room of a few meters, it can make it look much smaller.

Ally with the light

If you decide to paint a taupe wall, choose, if possible, the wall opposite the window . In this way, by receiving light directly, it will counteract the effect of “dwarfing” the room and darkening it.

The taupé color in decoration

Thanks to its versatility, the taupé color looks good in any room of the house. Alone or combined with other colors, it will adapt to the style you want . Of course, always keep in mind the size of the room and the light it receives to choose a more or less light tone.

Decorate the living room and dining room with taupé

If there is any place where the color taupe can show off in all its splendor, it is in the living room. Elegance, sobriety and versatility adapted to your decorative style .

In this room, in addition to the walls, you have other elements to decorate with taupé and play with its different shades, such as the sofa, coffee table or textile accessories such as cushions or plaids .

Add texture with upholstered furniture in taupe or paint the walls and combine with a white sofa or vice versa.

tips for decorating a living room with taupe color

How to decorate the bedroom with taupe

The bedroom should be a space that invites rest. So decorating the room in taupe color is ideal . If you first want to try the effect of the taupé color in the room, start with the bed textiles (bedspread, duvet cover…) and create combinations with other colors such as green or blue in cushions, plaids or other bedroom accessories. If you have it clear, another good option is to choose taupe wallpaper for the wall of the headboard. Elegant and sophisticated.

Kitchens with personality

Renew the kitchen using taupé as a chromatic base. The kitchen has always been one of the nerve centers of the house, where families used to gather around the hearth. Thus, the warmth transmitted by both the taupe color and the kitchen merge and create an elegant , contemporary and irresistible environment.

If you want a classic-inspired kitchen, this is your color. Although you can also use it for kitchens with a rustic, colonial style or even with a British touch .

Paint the walls or choose the furniture in a taupe color and combine with other colors to achieve the desired effect . If you prefer a more contemporary and modern kitchen, combine it with shades of blue and shiny surfaces. The taupé and green binomial will bring naturalness to the room while combined with black they will give it a chic touch that will not go unnoticed.

how to decorate a kitchen with taupe color

Decorate the bathroom with taupe color

The serenity that the taupe color conveys will turn the bathroom into a spa. To achieve an elegant and minimalist environment, combine it with white, it is a safe bet . You can add a little green to bring freshness .

If your bathroom is large, you can paint the walls in taupe or choose tiles in this color. In addition, being a more “suffered” color, dirt and stains are much less evident. On the other hand, if your bathroom is small, the best option is just the opposite: white on the walls and taupe on the furniture.

How to combine the color taupe

To combine the taupe color with other colors, first of all you must take into account what shades of taupe you want to use. Remember that this color covers a wide range of shades , ranging from beige and sand to gray.

Tandems for the color taupé:

  • With white : Combine these two neutrals and you will get a cozy atmosphere with Scandinavian reminiscences.
  • With pink : To create more romantic environments, combine it with a dusty pink or a pastel tone. If you play with the different shades of taupe you can achieve different nuances: A taupé that is more beige will fill the room with warmth. Instead, opt for a more grayish taupe for freshness and modernity.
  • With petrol blue : They form a sophisticated pairing full of personality. Use it in the bedroom and you will give it a lot of personality. So that it is not too excessive, soften it by choosing white for some auxiliary furniture and also for accessories.
  • With black : Create a chic and minimalist atmosphere playing with this pair of neutrals.
how to combine taupé with other colors

In the same way that taupé can be combined with many colors, it also blends perfectly with different materials . For example, it is the perfect match for natural materials such as wood, slate, stone and fibers such as linen, wicker, etc. However, it also goes well with concrete or microcement.

The taupe color on the walls

Change the look of your walls and paint them in taupé. Success is assured . You can use it as a color palette and play with different shades and textures, or highlight a single wall and leave it bare to give it prominence.

There are many original ideas to decorate the walls of your home . On a taupe-colored wall, decorative elements such as gold frames, roses, a rope tapestry or the green of plants are the best option.