Real Estate Trends

The trends in the real estate sector in 2022 are promising and respond to current social dynamics.

What trends does 2022 bring to the real estate market?

We will continue with the good streak that the sale of real estate brought in 2021. For the experts, it was a surprise that sales increased during this period, since fears of investing derived from the pandemic are still latent in many sectors. However, we have become accustomed to coping with difficulties in this market while the world continued with its dynamics.

Investors took great advantage of this to buy real estate from owners who, given the need for money, had to sell. It can be predicted that this behavior will continue to be seen during 2022, the sale of real estate will continue to consolidate itself as a great alternative

In Colombia, what is coming for the real estate market?

The reactivation has come in parts. We saw the first in 2021 with the reactivation of buying and selling. In 2022,people who at some point, due to the effects of the pandemic economy found it necessary to return to their parental homes, are starting to go out again to look for rental housing.

So, leasing is going to be of great importance for the reactivation of the economy. trust that the owners of investment properties understand that the economic reactivation also implies that the rental price in the first year of validity must be equated to the economic reality of the country.

It is possible that the recommended rental value is not the same as it was before the pandemic. For this reason, it is recommended that owners seek advice through brokers or real estate agents who have the thermometer of the fairest prices to be able to deliver properties for rent.

According to what the real estate market brings in 2022, is this a year to rent or to buy a home?

I believe that this year we are going to see the economic reactivation that began in 2021 complete. 2It is very important to bear in mind that with more properties purchased for investment, there will be a large supply of rental housing.

Leasing takes on new importance, due to the same situation in which many families regain independence by renting their own apartments or houses, during 2022.

In general, I believe that this year is going to be a very positive year both for the purchase and for the sale and of course for the rental of real estate Both on the part of the owner who delivers his property to rent, as well as the tenant who will be able to quickly access properties of all kinds and at good prices.

Will the real estate market of 2022 be favorable for investors?

Of course, yes, it will continue along the same lines as in 2021. This reactivation will last at least another year, experts hope that until 2023 we will see the positive effects on the economy.

Let us remember the great blow that the markets suffered during 2020 and that the reactivation has not been so fast, due to the pandemic. But we have become more resilient in recent years and we will see the need for owners to sell, which will give investors the opportunity to be able to grow.

In addition, with the need for many families to find real estate for rent, the outlook is going to continue to be very good for the real estate image editing

What learnings did 2021 leave for the real estate market, which will be improvements to take into account during 2022?

We will see that the economic reactivation will be more accelerated. Between the end of 2020 and all of 2021, society understood that it had to move.Normally, reactivations took time, now they don’t.

Probably the biggest learning is that we have to move faster In 2022 we have to be agile, advice that is essential for investors in the real estate market.

They cannot forget the pace at which this real estate growth is going so that they continue to acquire  and will quickly have a return on it due to the reorganization of families in rentals.

What is the biggest challenge that the real estate market will have this year?

Due to the electoral situation that is approaching in 2022, the biggest challenge is not to slow down the real estate market or the growth that is being evidenced due to political dynamics linked to the elections.

We have to be able to continue with the reactivation, independently of the democraticaas exercises. The challenge is to understand that the real estate market moves mostly thanks to the citizens, and must continue to contribute to the growth of the economy

What conclusion can we draw from what lies ahead for the real estate market?

In conclusion, the year 2022 will be much better than 2021. We experts are anxious to confirm that Colombians are resilient people who do not allow themselves to be bowed down by difficulties.

We will see this reflected in the real estate market: more sales, more rental relocations, more people with access to all types of housing, prices may become more reasonable.

Speculation on prices is not expected, due to the large supply that exists in the market and the growing demand. Surely the market will find a good balance . That is perhaps the most important conclusion and it is that we are aware of the position in which the market is, to take sides.

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