air conditioning bill this summer

Since Willis Carrier invented the air conditioner in 1921, it has become an essential element in every home. Can you imagine spending a summer without him? Probably not.

It is paradoxical that being as widespread as the toaster or the microwave, few people really know how it works. And of course, without knowing the inside of the trick,The issue of saving becomes complicated.

If you want to know how you can improve the consumption of your device in the hottest months of the year , today we tell you everything you need to know. Do not miss it!

First advice: choose the location well

There are many factors that influence the efficiency of the device ; some more controllable and others that are beyond our control. Now if there’s one thing you can do that is choose where you put it.

The air conditioner location It is crucial to get the right temperature. In this way, you will avoid excessive energy consumption and, consequently, unnecessary spending.

So where do I put it? Your number one priority should be to avoid those areas where the sun shines directly . Study the orientation of your house and think about which façade the sun shines on when it is tighter.

Otherwise, the air will be forced to consume more energy to reach the programmed temperature . And not only that, if you expose it to heat you also run the risk that its system may be damaged.

Therefore, it is preferable that you place it on walls that are more isolated. You will avoid continuous heating and you will ensure that it works perfectly without spending too much energy.

Second tip: buy a suitable air conditioner

The choice of device is also decisive. Buying the cheapest is not always the best idea. You will save money at first, but it will consume much more than a premium model in the long run .

To avoid the error, don’t forget to check the energy labeling of the apparatus. If this was made before March 2021, look for a rating of A+++, A++, and A+.

If, on the other hand, its manufacture is after that date, the most efficient will be those with an A label , although the most common is that you will find type B (current technology still does not meet the high requirements of this award) .

On the label you can also check the consumption score of the appliance both in its heating phase and in its cooling phase.

What about the potency?

Regarding the power, it is important that you know that this does not have to be directly related to the ability of the air to reach the optimum temperature . It is a very common error that occurs for semantic reasons.

Keeping this fact in mind, to cool a room with these characteristics it will not be necessary to buy a device with a power of 4 kW . Study your needs and choose well.

Third tip: choose a suitable temperature

As with the refrigerator or the dishwasher, the air conditioning has a recommended temperature range so that its consumption is efficient (without losing effectiveness).

There is not much consensus on this front. For example, the Ministry of Industry points out that the ideal temperature is 24ºC ; IDEA (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving) considers it to be 26ºC .

If you put the air conditioning in your house at 20 degrees, the only thing you are going to achieve is a colder temperature than usual and an oversized expense.

Fourth tip: insulate your house

It is useless to comply with all these tips if you do not then keep the rooms where you have the air conditioning on isolated .

Try to always have the windows and doors closed so that the temperature of your house is stable. And if you can, try to lower the blinds a bit to prevent excessive heat from entering during the day.

One of the reasons why the device can spend more energy than necessary is excess ventilation. That is, you have everything open. And we’re not just talking about windows anymore.

Be a little careful and you will see how your house does not collect the heat of the day. You can turn off the air conditioning at night, since the cold will manage to stay. Oh, and you will avoid unnecessary expense by having the device turned off while you sleep.

Fifth tip: do good maintenance

No, it is not enough to take it to the technical service when it does not work. Air conditioning maintenance is important. If you take good care of it, in addition to making it last much longer, you will achieve spend less energy.

Clean the filters once or twice a year. When this is not done, they accumulate dust, pollen and fibers that end up hindering the operation of the device. Or what is the same, you will need much more energy to achieve the same thing.

Does your model have ECO Mode ? Don’t hesitate to use it. With it you will be able to save up to 30% of energy consumption since it automatically adjusts the power to the temperature at that moment

Sixth advice: be careful with the hours

We already know that the hottest hours of the day are the central ones, but with the new fare system putting the air conditioning on at 3 in the afternoon could be incredibly expensive.

The time discrimination He recommends that we turn on the electrical appliances after 12 midnight, but at that time we no longer need the air at all. What to do then?

Very simple: activate it at some point on the flat section . For example, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., or between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. Do it with the windows closed and the blinds down.

The idea is that the cold will remain for a while even if the device is no longer working. This way you will avoid having to face the most expensive prices that are adjusted in the peak section.

Air conditioning is the star product of summer and its weight in the monthly electricity bill is relevant. That importance obviously translates into greater responsibility. Stay without him due to negligence and you will suffer in the flesh.