remodeling ideas
remodeling ideas

There comes a time in life when, as much as you love your home and know that it is your special place , you feel that something is missing. If this feeling is taking over you these days, maybe it’s time to think about remodeling.

 Decorator and organizer of spaces by passion, contemplating a remodeling in our home is important because this is the place where we come to rest and recharge after a full day of work. “It must be a cozy, cute and pleasant place, which we enjoy. And to achieve this, the best way to do it is to remodel it in case when you are in your home you do not feel comfortable and happy with what you see, what you feel and what that space transmits to you, ”she says.

Benefits of remodeling our home

  1. Recharge the environment with new energies
  2. Well-being and comfort for family members
  3. Cozy spaces that will provide us with comfort and harmony
  4. Improving the quality of life
  5. If you do structural remodeling, the cost of the property increases

Use paint to remodel

Dare to change the tone of one or several walls in your home and you will notice how everything is transformed.You can do it yourself (or); You just need a little paint, a roller and the decision to do it, but if you want to leave this task in the hands of experts, remember that at we have the Wall and ceiling painting service . “It’s amazing how changing the color of a wall can transform a space,” says the expert.

Take out what you don’t use

Hoarding items you don’t use can lead to chaos. Take out what you don’t use, donate it or just throw it away.

Organize in baskets and organizer boxes

Make them your best friends, because in addition to helping you organize your spaces (avoiding clutter) , they will save you time because they allow you to find objects more easily. In the market you can get organizing baskets from $3,000, which allow you to put toys, shoes, groceries, tools, among others, in order.

Decorate with plants

They are a ‘must have’ in terms of decoration and remodeling of spaces , as they provide a feeling of well-being and make places look and feel welcoming and fresh.

Reuse and transform objects

Recycle vases, paintings and any object that you see that can serve you, helping you with aerosols, paints, printed images, among others. Creativity up!

Mistakes to avoid when remodeling

In that process of wanting our home to look different or like a design from a decoration magazine, some mistakes can be made: 

  • Buy and buy objects and decoration just because we like them or they are at a good price, without knowing where we are going to locate them and the use that we are going to give them. We must make objective purchases, otherwise we will spend a lot of money on unnecessary things,” 
  • Acquire furniture without taking into account the measurements of the spaces. Before buying, you should measure whether or not it fits in the area you have. 
  • Use paint tones that reduce spaces visually. For small places, the ideal is light paint tones.
  • Hang pictures and mirrors too high.
  • Not defining a range of colors before you start buying and decorating your home. Interior design experts recommend that it be like this: 60% the neutral tone of your color palette, 30% on some relevant pieces or furniture and 10% on the decorative touches that will be the accent of your home.

It’s time to remodel your home! 

If after reviewing these recommendations, you think it is important to make an additional arrangement or a more structural change,  the Remodeling service for your home . 🏡 What does it consist of?After making a diagnosis, you will receive a tailored proposal and the accompaniment to make everything you dream of in your home come true. Once you receive our quote (after 3 business days to your email), we will start the work with a supervisor who will be in charge of compliance and quality.