Opening and activity licenses for commercial premises


Starting a business can be a long and complex process. Before being able to open the doors to our clients, we must have a series of licenses and bureaucratic procedures up to date that we may not be used to doing if it is our first business. If these are not up to date, the opening of your business premises could be delayed.

Do you want to know how to avoid problems and what licenses are necessary to open your business premises? We tell you!

Opening and activity licenses are essential. Both may seem the same, but they are not, they have a series of special characteristics and requirements that we must meet if we want our business to open its doors normally.

Opening license

During the process of the work or reform of your premises or business, you must request the opening license , which we could call: “the registration of the establishment to open to the public”.

This license must be issued by the town council of the locality where the premises are located . Its function is to certify if the requirements and conditions of the premises are suitable for the business. These requirements are as follows:

  • The use and conditions of the premises must meet the urban standards of structural integrity of the property.
  • The premises must contemplate all the current anti-fire measures.
  • The premises must be suitable for the work task.
  • There must be proper ventilation of the premises.
  • Health and safety regulations must be complied with.

You will have to provide all the necessary papers so that a technical specialist in expertise sent by the town hall can go to the premises and certify that everything is in order.

Activity license

The activity license, for its part, will be granted after the certification of the opening license , with the responsible declaration that certifies that our business can operate its commercial activity with total normality. It is a necessary procedure for all types of businesses except for professional, craft and artistic activities .

The owners or tenants of premises whose commercial activity is carried out in a private home will be exempt from presenting this document.

For this procedure, the council technician will assess that all the minimum legal requirements to carry out the activity are met.

Other procedures

There are other bureaucratic procedures that you may need to carry out, such as:

  • The building license , when structural changes are made to the premises.
  • The license of Cuba , for the rubble.
  • The traffic license , if we need to cut the street to work more comfortably, etc.

You must request the necessary procedures to carry out the work or reform of the premises that best suit your needs.

Do you need help with licenses for your business?

You may initially feel overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork and paperwork to complete before opening a business.

Therefore, it is extremely important that the company that is going to be in charge of the reform or work of your premises knows perfectly how to carry out the necessary procedures, and that it also meets the relevant deadlines to carry out each one of them.