decorating ideas for the children's room

Living in the city with children can sometimes be challenging, especially if you share a small apartment and don’t know how to optimize the children’s room . We want to help you in this purpose, so here we leave you some ideas that can give some fun and color to your lives.

To begin with, we must bear in mind that the spaces where children live must reflect their personal preferences and their needs such as comfort, fun and organization. And this is not a static aspect, but it changes as they grow.

Clearly the requirements of a child when he is newborn, as well as when he leaves diapers or enters school, has completely different needs. And his room must live up to both his expectations as well as his personality .

Identify your child’s moment and your resources

Maintaining a harmonious balance in common spaces where family members share, should motivate you to reinvent the space more attractive and pleasing to the eye . You will be surprised what a change or maintenance of a room can contribute to the well-being of the whole family.

To start, you can make a list of things that are essential for your child . This way you can decide the scope of your remodeling project so that you optimize your budget before starting. 

If what you require is more a decorative theme, or furniture arrangements, first choose the options you will consider and allow your child to choose between these options . This way it will be teamwork and he will feel included in all the changes in his own room.

Ideas to renovate the children’s room

Paint change:

Updating the paint in the room can bring the space back to life . You can play with different shapes and colors depending on your child’s style, this is a great way to engage him and spark his creativity . If you need help with this step, you can consult our wall and ceiling painting service .

Decorative elements :

There are hundreds of options on the market today to decorate your walls with removable glow-in-the-dark decals, paintings, and posters. It all depends on what your child likes . An advantage of these items is that they can usually be easily attached or removed and thus changed periodically.

Another way to personalize the child’s room at this point is to display his artwork by framing and hanging it in his room . It can also be a motivation for him to continue making his drawings and paintings.

Space for creativity:

Continuing in line with the previous point, if your child is one of those who likes to scratch the walls to paint or draw , have a part of his room so that he can do it without worrying.

You can get a sheet of acrylic board and put a space where you can color with erasable markers. There are also the well-known blackboards to draw with chalk , any of these options will be ideal for this purpose.

In addition, it is necessary for the child to have a space dedicated to their learning, where they have a comfortable and spacious desk where they can color, draw, do homework or study virtually.

Today you can find several options where your child can learn by playing , one of them is our programming course for children , where from a young age they can relate to this great world.

Paint your furniture:

This is a fun option for children to decorate or add color to their room. Painting a piece of furniture in their own style also gives them the space to develop their personality , and can be a fun group activity involving the whole family.

Fun lighting:

Today there are lighting options where you can reflect, for example, the stars and make the night fun. Various lighting elements such as lava lamps or spotlights are interesting items for children to decorate or add color to their room.