choose for a small living room sofas
choose for a small living room sofas

The lack of space in the home can become much more noticeable in a frequently used room such as the living room. A small living room can be the biggest challenge when it comes to decorating the house, although there are little tricks from decorators to make the most of the space without skimping on comfort or design. One of them is to choose the sofas well for a small living room .

In this place where we spend so much time as a family, enjoying rest and other daily activities, the sofa is the centerpiece and one of the most important. The rest of the furniture and decoration accessories for the living room revolve around it, so choosing the sofa is the key to distributing the rest of the elements, leaving enough space to make it practical and comfortable.

Our Gilmar Reforms and Interior Design team analyzes which are the most convenient types of sofas for a small living room, capable of making the most of the space, adapting to all homes. If you also have a living room with limited space, find out which sofa is best suited to it, without overloading the space and providing extra comfort in your day-to-day life.

And remember that in addition to the living room, you should think in general and know how to choose the most suitable sofa for your home.

What sofas for a small living room can you choose?

two seater sofa

When it comes to furnishing a living room, the two-seater sofa is the one that best adapts to limited spaces. This type of sofa takes up less space, is very practical, and can be easily moved in case you need to clear the room at a specific time.

If there are many of you at home and you usually receive visitors frequently, choose to have two small sofas to have enough seating for everyone. Place them against the wall to leave more free space in the center of the room, choosing sofas that have a shallower depth and low back to make the space look more uncluttered.

L-shaped sofa

Corner type sofas are also perfect when you want to take advantage of a corner of your living room by placing the rest area here. They are also perfect for use as a space divider in a long and narrow living room, delimiting, for example, the rest area of ​​the dining room.

In this case, it is also very practical to invest in an L-shaped sofa that has a narrow bottom and a back that is not too high. Only if the sofa is fitted in a corner of the living room is it recommended to choose a sofa with a higher backrest.

Choosing a light tone for the sofa also brings more light to the room, creating a feeling of a larger living room even in narrow homes.

Sofa with chaise longue

One way to prevent the space of the small living room from being reduced is to choose seats without backs such as sofas with chaise longues . Ideal for making the most of space in a corner or as room dividers, they are very useful sofas for large families , providing an extra seat for visitors.

Chaise longue sofas provide more warmth if they are chosen as sofas for a small living room. They are usually armchairs with a lower back and with the possibility of opening to gain more surface to enjoy a moment of relaxation while lying down while watching television or reading a book.

sofa bed

Ideal for apartments with limited space, a sofa bed in a small living room can be the best option to receive guests. Today, the uncomfortable sofa beds of decades ago have been left behind, becoming an excellent alternative to enjoy the best comfort both sitting and lying down with the sofa open.

Today’s sofas that convert into beds also include extra storage space that allows you to store extra bedding, pillows and duvets for your guests. Easy to open and close, they transform in a few seconds into a comfortable bed to rest peacefully, saving a lot of space in your living room and throughout the house.

extra armchairs

The last sofa alternative for a small living room proposed by our Reforms and Interior Design team is to invest in some multipurpose furniture that allows us to gain an extra place to sit. Combined with the sofa in a small living room, the footstools, stools, poufs, chests, and even small armchairs are ideal for daily use or as an alternative when we have to receive guests.

A small living room does not have to become a problem of space in the home as long as we choose the most suitable type of sofas for a small living room, with which to optimize each of the available corners to the maximum.