Silestone countertop
Silestone countertop

One of the most important decisions when designing the kitchen is the choice of countertop material. Silestone countertops have become the best alternative for many homes, since the invention of this material in the 90s.

Silestone is a mixture of different materials, with high resistance and durability. Manufactured with the idea of ​​being used on all types of surfaces such as floors, walls, bathroom coverings, tables and countertops, it provides great versatility when it comes to including it in any home.

As hard as marble or granite, but much cheaper, we analyze the advantages and disadvantages that a Silestone countertop can have in your kitchen. If you still have doubts about what material to choose to cover the kitchen furniture at home, take note of these tips to fully make the right decision.

What is Silestone?

Silestone is a material composed of 94% natural quartz compacted with special resins and other components that provide great resistance. Thanks to this refined process over the years, a hard, resistant surface is obtained, but above all versatile when it comes to obtaining plates of different sizes, shapes and colors, for use in the home.

A Silestone countertop offers a non-porous surface, resistant to stains and moisture, which is not affected by everyday household products such as oils, acids or cleaning products.It is also resistant to shock and pressure in the same way as other high-hardness materials such as natural stone.

Advantages of a Silestone countertop

A Silestone countertop is the perfect alternative to granite or marble when dressing a kitchen. It is a material that offers multiple advantages over other materials commonly used in the kitchen, among which the following stand out:

  • Wide range of colors and finishes, ideal for achieving exactly the look you want, making your countertop unique.
  • Resistance and durability, practically for life.
  • Will not stain or wear off. It is a very compact material, which prevents stains from penetrating and is very easy to clean.
  • Non-porous material, which offers antibacterial protection that prevents the proliferation of bacteria in a part of the house as delicate as the kitchen.
  • Affordable prices compared to other materials such as granite or marble.
  • Easy to cut and adapt the pieces to the dimensions of the kitchen.
  • Easier repair when any breakage or surface wear occurs.

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Disadvantages of Silestone

Silestone countertops only have one disadvantage that we can highlight, which can be easily solved if you decide to include this material in your kitchen. Unlike other natural stone materials, Silestone resins are not completely resistant to heat.

A Silestone countertop can withstand objects at somewhat higher temperatures, but we must avoid placing hot saucepans, pots or pans on it if we do not want the material to be damaged. The problem can appear when we put some metal on the countertop at a temperature above 100ºC, producing roughness and deformations on the surface.

This disadvantage is as easy to avoid as using trivets on the counter when we want to place a hot pot or pan directly from the fire. Even in the event of some kind of accident, repairing the countertop would be quite simple, replacing the material in the damaged area without having to change the entire Silestone piece.

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Is it worth investing in a Silestone countertop?

Based on the fact that this material is easily adaptable to any design and budget, Silestone has not stopped gaining followers since its creation more than 30 years ago. There are endless possibilities to achieve exactly the right color, finish and size, dressing the kitchen in a practical and elegant way.

With a price of around €200 per square meter, and a series of advantages that far outweigh the drawbacks of this material, at Gilmar we are committed to Silestone countertops as one of the most versatile materials for kitchen countertops.

If you still have doubts, contact our Reforms and Interior Design team to make the best design for your kitchen, achieving the space you have always dreamed of in your home.