Tile trends 2023
Tile trends 2023

Tile an area of ​​our home should be a very thoughtful decision. A reform that includes tiling can bring the odd headache that, in the event that it appears in the middle of the work, can be difficult to handle. Therefore, being clear about the elements that influence a tiling can improve the result… and make life a little easier for us!

Having a defined plan is also essential, since some tiles can be very difficult to remove and there is no possibility of going back. However, with a clear objective and the necessary instructions, there will be no reform that will resist us. Therefore, in this post we offer you some keys and trends to help you tile and get the home of your dreams.

A clear tile never fails

At the risk that it may seem too prudent advice, betting on a flirtatious tile, but not very flashy, may be the perfect bet for tiling our walls. The safe value when it comes to the color of the tiles is in light and neutral tones or even in the choice of a white tile. 

The filling or sealing between the tile joints, also called grouting, is one of the elements that will give us the opportunity to be creative and let our imagination run wild. Through a black or dark gray seal, we will give any environment a sophisticated and elegant tone, with a Nordic and innovative touch. If, on the other hand, we prefer our wall to be a blank canvas, a fine seal can give the impression of an almost smooth wall.

Another factor that can help us to innovate on our walls without risking too much is the brightness of our tiles, since it will help to perceive a greater amplitude within a room and, therefore, will make our spaces appear larger. Combined with a mirror, we will multiply not only the size but also the light in our home. In the event that our room is large enough, we can afford a matte tile that will create a calm and neutral environment.

Size matters, a lot.

If this is large, we will have greater freedom when it comes to unleashing our creativity. On the contrary, in the event that our space is reduced, it is important to find the appropriate tile format. For example, a tile whose format is a large rectangular plate will work for large walls, but not for smaller ones .

The larger walls give us the possibility of using XXL tiles in their entirety, creating an open space in which the tiles are placed aligned, with a barely visible grout and creating a homogeneous and fine result. This issue also influences the distribution of our space. If a wide tile forces us to make many cuts to be able to fit it, it will not work for us. For the most difficult spaces, covering our room with gresite type tiles can be a good option. This type of tiling is arranged in meshes, is easy to apply and can be modified to fit in any corner.

What walls to tile?

Our advice is to try to cover as much surface area as possible, installing the tiles flush with the faucets, sinks and basins, as well as framing the shower and toilet. A good tile will help us to maintain our spaces and will make them more resistant to humidity and easier to clean. Once we have covered the areas that we want to protect from water, it all comes down to our personal taste. It is not necessary for the tiling to occupy the entire wall, as the new trends have been demonstrating: half-height tiling has been making a name for itself, allowing us to play with other decorative resources such as wallpaper or paint… But remember, always waterproof! And, if you still have doubts, 

The tiling is a renewed option that this year has been giving the note. If you decide to jump into this style of decoration, explore different options such as tiling a single wall within a room, creating different spaces within it. The use of tiles can be a perfect choice to tone up your home.