real estate school in texas
real estate school in texas

What Is the Best Real Estate School in Texas? Here Is What to Know

A growing economy and warm climate draw many new residents to Texas. There is an increasing demand for residential and commercial properties here, making the real estate sector very lucrative in the region. For anyone who is ambitious to become a real estate agent in the region, it is mandatory to have a real estate license.

Among the Texas real estate license requirements, completing the 180-hour course involves the most effort. It requires a lot of planning, and the most important step is choosing a reliable real estate school.

So, what is the best real estate school in Texas? Probably, this is your biggest concern. If yes, then you are in the right place.

Features of the Best Real Estate School in Texas

What is the best real estate school in Texas? The easiest way to identify a great school is by checking the features. Here are the essential ones to check.

  •         Certification – All real estate schools in Texas should be certified by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). So, ensure the one you choose falls under this category.
  •         Affordability – Choose a school with affordable costs for the basic 180-hour course and other learning materials. If you compare, you will learn this.
  •         Effective teaching strategy – The fastest way to get a real estate license in Texas is by choosing a school with a great learning strategy such as audio lectures for listening on the go, learning support, and more.
  •         Exam preparation materials – It is mandatory to take the Texas real estate exam, so the school of your choice should assist you with materials and other tips to succeed on the exam.
  •         Networking opportunities – Lastly, consider a Texas real estate school with networking opportunities so that you can get to know many professionals to assist you in navigating the industry.

Top-Rated Real Estate Schools in Texas

What is the best real estate school in Texas? Technically, there are many of them. The ideal options are online schools because they are convenient and affordable. Here are the best options for anyone who is looking for how to become a real estate agent in Texas.

  •         Real Estate U – This weblink will directly lead you to this TREC-certified and most affordable real estate school. It offers the 180-hour course for just $249, although you can pay more to access other educational materials. Check for more information about the school before making a decision.
  •         Colibri Real Estate – This is also a fairly affordable school with courses starting at $384. It is TREC certified as well but fails to offer audio learning like Real Estate U. However, it is a great option for many people.
  •         Aceable Agent – This school offers plenty of learning materials but at a slightly higher cost of $449. It is smart to check in detail to understand if there are reasons for you to select this school in favor of the others we have discussed above.


What is the best real estate school in Texas? It is important that you now know what one should look like and even have examples of the best options in Texas. These insights will serve you well. So, if you are wondering how to get your real estate license in Texas, then follow them. Take time to research, and you will enjoy attending a great school.