Bad Realtor
Bad Realtor

The Warning Signs of a Bad Realtor and How to Avoid Them

The process of selling your home can go badly if you work with the wrong people. Your home may sit on the market for months with no offers, every inquiry may go unanswered, and you may even feel like the process wasn’t worth it at all. 

These are signs of a bad real estate agent. No matter whether you want to buy or sell, you must find the best real estate agency to work with, otherwise, you will be wasting both your time and money. 

In order to avoid the pitfalls, here are the warning signs to look out for. 

 A Lack of Experience

Inexperience doesn’t mean a real estate agent is bad. An inexperienced agent being mentored by an overarching team of experts is a great choice, but a lone agent newer to the job is not always the right choice. When you work with someone who is an expert in your neighbourhood, you will always get a better result. 


Bad Communication

Good communication is vital for a good real estate agent. This is because of the scale and costs involved with the overall process of selling your home. You should be able to ask any question of your agent and not be waiting around to hear from them. You should get regular updates and know your agent is talking to all the right people to get your home seen if you’re waiting around with radio silence across, texts, phone calls and emails.

Dishonest Practice 

Trust is vital when you put your home in the hands of a real estate agent. A bad agent will do underhanded tricks to impress you and earn more cash, they may be lying about the properties they have sold, they may under or over-value your home, and they may even make a false claim in your home’s listings. If you have a bad feeling upon first meeting, It may be a dishonest agent. 

Unprofessional Practices

This ties into the above, if you can tell someone is being unprofessional, you should consider working with someone else. Upon your first meeting, see if your agent arrives on time, are they dressed well and groomed well? Can they answer all your questions? Look out for any warning signs and make a good choice. 

Bad Marketing Skills

A real estate agent must find as many potential buyers for your property as possible. This means they need to have a great marketing campaign that is multifaceted and thought out. Make sure when you choose an agent that you ask them how they plan to market your home, if they have no plan in place, they are not a good choice. 

No Happy Prior Customers

Referrals are a great way to know about an agent. Someone who is valued in the community will have happy clients vouching for their skills. On the other hand, a bad agent will have complaints lodged against them. A quick internet search is a key to separating the good from the bad. 

Putting Pressure on You

An underperforming realtor will try to close the deal quickly, this means often pressuring the seller to accept an offer that they may not be comfortable with. When it comes to selling your home or apartment, the final decision is yours, so you should not feel like you’re being forced into anything.  

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