luxury home
luxury home

Selling a luxury home requires carrying out special commercial actions that differ from those carried out in the sale of conventional homes. On many occasions it is not so easy to contact potential clients, since many times the approach and the means used to reach these potential clients of luxury homes are flawed.  

Selling luxury real estate is a specialization of real estate sales . This real estate market, starting at one million euros, requires shorter sales times than the average, although buyers are much more selective. The type of clients in the luxury market value many aspects such as the views, the quality of the materials, the architectural style of the building, privacy, services added to the home such as the swimming pool, garden, concierge, gym, security service 24 hours etc But, above all, the main thing for this client is the location of the home and, in most cases, the privacy it offers. 

The size of the house, however, is not such an important factor for buyers in this luxury market, since a luxury house can be small, although it will always have to be exclusive.acess, to help you successfully close the operation from our experience .  

Let’s see below some of the tools we work with at Gilmar along with a series of practical tips that will help you sell a luxury home . 

Tips for selling a luxury home successfully

Sell ​​at the best price

Luxury homes are not on the market for long, and if they do not sell quickly they are a product that “wears out” more quickly than other types of properties. For this reason, before trying to sell a luxury property, it is necessary to know it very well and prepare a detailed information dossier of the property with its physical, legal, financial and commercial characteristics.  

professionals make an appraisal of the property before putting it up for sale, taking as references the characteristics of the house and the price of the area. Thanks to an extensive database, with more than 200,000 potential clients , we can go directly to a selection of potential buyers in the area where the property is located. A complete guarantee that the house is being offered at the best price and to the best buyers. 

A different sale, where all help is welcome

A luxury home is much more than a house, it is the environment in which it is located, it is the building in which it is located, etc. For this reason, a luxury property can be offered as an exclusive mansion facing the sea, or a mansion in a historic area, a house next to a golf course or a marina, etc., that is, taking advantage of the concept of life luxurious we can successfully market a high standing property. 

The road that must be traveled in any sale can be very long and exhausting. That is why it is convenient to go hand in hand with expert professionals, who facilitate the operation. At Gilmar we have been accompanying sellers and buyers of luxury homes throughout the entire process for years. From the design of the ad to beyond the closing of the operation, we are the perfect partner.  

Position and present the home for sale in the luxury real estate market

It is important that we do everything possible to position a property in the luxury market, starting with the choice of a real estate company specialized in luxury homes , with extensive experience in the sector, and a base of data with more than 200,000 potential customers. Experience and client portfolio are two of the necessary elements in the sale of luxury real estate.  

Our presence in the most important real estate fairs in the world and the extensive international network of strategic alliances with a presence in more than 40 countries make the ideal showcase for luxury home sellers. Both the Gilmar website, with more than 150,000 visits per month, as well as the App, or specialized magazines, are focused on promoting our selection of luxury homes. 

Housing in real estate market

How to reduce deadlines, paperwork and speed up the sale

It is well known that the management and bureaucracy when making a real estate sale can exhaust the patience of more than one. That is why we insist again on the importance of teamwork. When dealing with the signing and transfer of properties, it is necessary to have all the documents prepared and reviewed so that no unforeseen event arises either at the notary’s office or at the signing that delays the operation. 

It is very important to transmit trust at all times to both parties, and to face any unforeseen event with guarantees and safety. it is the ideal partner who can guide you until the purchase of the new home, if it so happened that the luxury home that was sold was the habitual residence. 

In order to sell a luxury home, in addition to everything that we have told in this article, it is necessary to have high-quality material and promote it in the appropriate channels . For this and as we mentioned, it is necessary to have a dossier that offers a detailed description, as well as some photographs taken by a professional photographer. The dossier will need to be accompanied by a quality video , an element that is essential. This video must be recorded with a high technical quality. 

The commitment to technology that has been doing for a few years allows us to use the latest tools to offer our clients the possibility of making virtual visits to the property. A solution like Matterport helps improve the customer experience and exponentially increases interest in a given product compared to 2D photos. Matterport is a platform that captures, transforms, and connects real spaces into interactive models. Quite a differentiating factor against the competition. 

By way of conclusion we can say that luxury homes offer comfort that the most common houses do not normally have, for this reason this type of property requires finding a very demanding buyer who is looking for something more than a comfortable and unique space in which live . Look for services, privacy, exclusivity, glamour, unique location and environment of people of the same social status. The price and size of the home take a backseat, with the sentimental aspect of the purchase becoming more relevant.