Tool Bag

The Ultimate Tool Bag Buying Guide for a Handyman

A tool box is a handyman’s best friend. It not only helps you keep all your tools organised together but also makes it easier for you to carry your tools from one location to another.

However, carrying a huge tool box may not be always feasible. What if you have to travel to many locations in a single day? Or what if you have to not carry all your tools on a work trip?

We have a solution for that! Having an easy-to-carry tool bag will be your saviour. You can organise and store all the tools you need for your project. 

But do you really need a tool bag! The answer is a resounding YES. 

  • Firstly, a tool bag lets you organise your tools in one place. Not just that, tool bags come with dividers, pockets and compartments where you can arrange similar tools together or store your loose bits and screws securely.
  • Secondly, your tool bag lets you become more portable as it is easier to carry tool bags than a metal tool box. 
  • Thirdly, rather than hanging your tools on a waist band or stuffing them into your pockets, carrying them in a tool bag is less cumbersome.
  • And finally, the construction of a tool bag is less rigid allowing it to carry all types of tools.

But, how to choose the right tool bag for your type of work? This is the ultimate tool bag buying guide for a handyman.

Big tool bag with expandable compartments and extra pockets if you need to carry a large number of tools: Digging into your bag when you need a tool may not work all the time. But if your bags have pockets and neat compartments it is easier to sort your tools and store them. You could also opt for a shoulder strap with extra padding for comfort like our RS PRO Polyester Tool Bag with Shoulder Strap.

A smaller shoulder bag for lesser tools: In contrast, if you are a DIYer with a smaller set of tools, go for a smaller bag. Also, if you are an on-the-call handyman who has to move from one job to another, you could let go of a bigger bag and carry a smaller one. 

Holdall for larger tools: Tools come in all sizes and shapes. If you need to carry longer and larger tools that do not fit into a standard-sized bag, a holdall style tool bag like Stanley FatMax Fabric Holdall with Shoulder Strap is ideal. These bags are made from tougher materials like nylon fibre reinforced with PVC and a webbing handle for extra strength.

Backpack for convenience: If you need an ergonomic, easy to carry bag, we have a range of backpacks that are suitable for more tooling space and are available with a variety of storage options. The bags come with a hard bottom that allows the bag to remain upright on a flat surface. Our RS PRO Polyester Backpack with Shoulder Strap is waterproof and has a padded shoulder strap.

Wheeled bags for workers on the go: The best way to store your tools when you are on the move is a wheeled bag. These bags have tool compartments and are made of durable materials to guarantee a safe and comfortable operation.

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