label energy
label energy

Whenever we are going to buy or rent a home, one of the essential elements that we must demand is the energy certificate of the home ; which is the energy efficiency report of the property.

The new Royal Decree, following the requirements of recent community directives 2 regarding the energy efficiency of buildings, establishes the obligation to make available to buyers or users of buildings an energy efficiency certificate that must include objective information on the energy efficiency of a building.

Law 8/2013, of June 26, determines different penalties for violation of the energy certification standard, which are divided into three categories according to the weight of the breach.

Why should we require the certificate or energy label of a home and why is it so important?

The energy efficiency certificate is an official document that determines the energy rating of a property. With it, we can know, among other things, how much carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere in relation to the energy needs of a house.

Obtaining the certificate will provide us with the so-called energy label , which is very similar to the one that appears on electrical appliances, identifying itself with letters and colors, which determine a lower energy efficiency since after carrying out the relevant technical operations it will indicate the level of emission and consumption of the dwelling.

The aspects that are taken into account for the issuance of the energy efficiency certificate are diverse, and among them are the location and orientation of the home, the energy supply systems, the envelope and the lighting .

 we are clear that buying a house is one of the most essential decisions we can make and for this reason, one of the elements that we will take into account when offering you a home is that you know its energy efficiency , which is That is to say, that you know the savings that living in said house will provide you .

This is an element that will also help you to orient yourself on the monthly mortgage payment and the expenses associated with the purchase, as well as to plan the monthly and annual expenses that the house itself entails .

New construction buildings are required to show their energy rating , from the first phase of the project. The label, where it is reflected, is the same as the one existing in any building that is for sale or rent.

The energy efficiency certificates will be available to the competent authorities, either incorporated into the Building Book, if their existence is mandatory, or held by the owner of the building , or part thereof, or the president of the community of owners.

They are valid for a maximum of ten years , after which period they must be renewed, unless changes have previously occurred in aspects that may affect the previously issued certificate.

Obtaining the energy efficiency certificate will grant the right to use, during its validity period, the energy efficiency label, which must be included in all offers, promotions and advertising, aimed at the sale or lease of the building or its unit.

A property with a letter A label is associated with the greenest constructions ; since it has less than 50Kw/m2 of annual energy consumption; and therefore, we know that it has good thermal insulation, prevents the entry of heat and cold, airtight windows allow light to pass through and prevent cold or heat from sneaking in , among other things.

As we have said, all this is important to save on your energy bill , but on the contrary, the sale or rental price of a home with this green label may be somewhat higher in the real estate market.

If your intention is to sell or rent one of your homes , there are ways to obtain the best level of energy efficiency certification in the energy certificate (such as investing in thermal insulation) by adapting the installations to the best of your ability. to energy savings, which will also have an impact on minimizing the emissions and annual CO2 consumption of your home.

Acquiring real estate (either as a residence, or to carry out commercial activity or simply as an investment), is a relevant legal transaction, both for the purpose for which it is carried out and for the economic investment it entails .

And the fact of accessing a foreign real estate market supposes a plus of complexity; Therefore, promoting this acquisition with security that guarantees the good end of the operation requires the help of specialized professionals .